Spotify famously said it has no plans to support Chromecast, but that hasn't stopped one Android developer from coming up with a solution. Spoticast is the work of NOP Developments and while it's not perfect – yet – it provides Spotify Premium subscribers with at least one method to get their music onto their TV.

To make it work at all you have to enable "Device Broadcast Status" in Spotify and restart first before anything will work. There are a couple of issues present, one of which is that your device will continue to play the sound and there are some delays and interruptions. But it's a start, and let's not forget it's a workaround, too. What we really want is proper Spotify support. Except we're not likely to get that.

Spoticast is free to download so grab it from the Play Store link up top and give it a try.

Source: XDA


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Developer does what Spotify won't and puts your music streams on your Chromecast


I don't use Spotify, but what's their problem with adding chromecast? Hoe hard can it be?

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I guess they try to push their Spotify Connect project But well, Play Music All Access or Rdio aren't bad either and they support chromecast. In my opinion Spotify has always been pretty slow with feature requests from it's users.

Wondering the same thing. I love how these companies create artificial hurdles to their own customers enjoying their paid for service.

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How do they do this? Is the stream from Spotify not encrypted somewhat? Or is the stream unencrypted by the Spoticast application on ChromeCast?

If it's not encrypted, it seems that the work Spotify has to do to make this work very little and I then don't understand why they not support ChromeCast...

Edit: I do understand the navigation stuff...

All a chromecast does is sign into a service and open the stream. When you install the app you give it your Spotify credentials and the chromecast device just signs in and plays the music just as if it were a computer or a phone. Just another device on the network really. This probably explains why its a little wonky. Their app must have logic to keep the music stream stable that Spoticast does not. All its really doing is redirecting the traffic.

Sure I read somewhere that Spotify had invested cash into their own streaming device..

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Yes but I have to wonder if the money they make on products no one has really heard of is greater than the amount they are losing from customers who have canceled and dropped them over this issue. Including myself. It doesn't seem to be a very bright move on their part. In fact it seems pretty boneheaded and shortsighted.

Although i am not really a fan of workarounds, perhaps if this app had been released sooner I would have stuck around. But too late now. I've moved on.

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Chromecast is popular in these parts but it's not necessarily on the radar of a large proportion of Spotify's subscribers. That said, the unwillingness to add something which is so simple to do has to have financial implications somewhere else for sure.

I just cast a tab from chrome on my chromebook and presto! Take that Spotify!

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If somebody comes up with a Chromecast solution for Amazon Video that doesn't involve Flash, a Chrome tab, or some other janky workaround that is more trouble than it's worth, I will personally give you $100.

Funny how Spotify has allowed for Roku to have a Spotify app and won't support Chromecast. This is just foolish on their behalf and really no reason for this decision.

I just use a long HDMI Cable to connect my PC to the TV and I have a wireless keyboard with touchpad to control everthing. Yey to Spotify on my TV and all the rest.