If anyone happens to remember October of last year, a new streaming video app appeared in the Android Market called Crackle. It was a subscription based service which offered some video for free but the premium videos were to cost you $4.99/month. It ended up being there for quite some time and then it all of a sudden it disappeared. We're not exactly sure as to why but we are glad to see it come back and this time around it's totally free for end users.

You'll need a device running at least Android 2.2 and Flash in order to watch the full-length TV shows and movies offered by Crackle but if you live in US, Canada, United Kingdom or Australia you're pretty much good to go. The only other caveat to the app right now is the fact it's not suited for tablets as of yet but we're hoping that will be addressed in a future update. Hit the break for the download link -- once you're up and running watching Ghostbusters, it'll all be worth it.


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Crackle streaming video app returns to the Android Market


just downloaded on my T-Bolt, working great! Loads uber fast and i'm not even on wifi =) may even consider purchasing =)

just wanted to add the quality is amazing!

I'm guessing they never actually updated the app all that much from when the original was put in there. I'd try loading up the .apk direct on the Xperia just to see.

Working great on my TBolt.

Now has some Seinfeld episodes. It has the yada yada yada episode which I can never get to play at the website.

App is ad supported which I can totally live with. One really nice option is that you can pause the video.

this app gets premium placement on my device right next to HBOGO. :)

What's funny is that if you search for it with a honeycomb tablet (i have the moto xoom) it shows up in the market, but the download fails. If it's not supported then why is it in the market?

This app is incompatible with your Verizon Samsung SCH-I500.
Verizon Samsung SCH-I500
This item is not compatible with your device.

Watching Ghostbusters right now on my EVO 4G running 2.3.4. (Deck's) Looks great, only problem when it switches to the commercial, it lets my screen sleep.

I just finished watch "Joe Dirt"... My first ever complete moving viewing of a full length movie on my HTC Thunderbolt /w no problems with buffering during the entire movie on 3G... Amazing, not to mention that this app from the market is FREE!!!

Tried going to the market and no go for the Sensation. Tried the Barcode Scanner and still nothing. Maybe someone could put up the apk and could try that way.

It's a good thing it's free, because there sure isn't much content that I'd consider paying for. Antique TV shows and 3rd rate movies don't provide a whole lot of excitement.