Google is currently showing off some amazing Android Marketplace improvements right now. You can now browse the Android Market from your desktop and send apps and music directly to your device over the internet without having to tether over USB (yet another shot at Apple there).  Yep, Android Marketplace will be selling music soon.

What has us really pumped, however, is that they're currently demoing the ability to stream your own music (provided it isn't locked under DRM) from your desktop to your Android phone.

We're looking forward to Froyo more and more.


Reader comments

Android to stream your desktop music over the air.


damn, I just got 10gb in dropbox just so i can get music on my droid easily...

...but I guess this is better; generally, i'd rather stream anyhow to save space, but I could download songs i listen to often to save battery... isn't "locked by DRM" as long as it hasn't gone through Windows Media Player for the check...right? Or will Froyo check itself?

When you look at it, the biggest piece missing in the Android ecosystem has been the music experience. Google has to go there because people expect well thought out smartphone music integration given the iPhone's (aging) capabilities. And this is what I love about Android: Apple users have been using iTunes under the same wired sync paradigm for six (or more) years, and Google's cutting the cord, saying "screw that last decade crap." Android is the OS I've wanted for twenty years.

Over the internet or over a network? I don't see why I would want to stream music to my Android device over a local network from my computer to listen to it. Or the internet, really, unless you had a great big music collection. Transferring though, that's useful, except that i'm usually plugged into the USB port anyway to charge the phone.