Android 3.0 Gingerbread

Google has been pretty mum, at least in public, Gingerbread, which at last check was still scheduled to launch sometime this winter. However, DigiTimes has gotten word that Google has recently reached out to its hardware partners to let them know that development on Gingerbread "will soon be completed" and that they can expect engineering prototypes sometime in December. Expect an updated Galaxy Tab from Samsung, as well as tablet offerings from Motorola, HTC, and traditional notebook manufacturers like Acer once CES rolls around in January of next year. 

In addition, the site said we can expect Android 4.0 (Honeycomb?) during the middle of 2011, but did not offer any details on the OS. They went on to explain some of the benefits of using Android as a tablet OS over Windows: namely, that licensing for Android is just $10 compared to up to $60 for Windows. In addition, the ARM processors used by Android are much cheaper than the Intel ones required by Windows. So, in short, expect to see tons of Android tablets come January. But that's hardly a surprise, right? [DigiTimes]


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Android 3.0 Gingerbread almost done, expect tablets galore at CES


With all this talk of Honeycombs, Ice Creams, and Jelly Beans it seems like Ginger Bread is about to be passed over before its even announced.

I'm guessing that most manufacturers will pass over it and go straight to HoneyComb

I thought it was supposed to be that HoneyComb is a big sweet slab like a tablet, whereas Gingerbread would be a small handheld treat coming around Christmas time with nice decorations on it.

but according to google at io 2010, gingerbread will "blow our minds!"

I think this is more like how there was talk of windows 8 before windows 7 was released.

Yeah and apparently the Gallery app was just a taste of things to come in later versions.

Personally think the gallery app is awesome if you pinch on the album of photos and they kind of float like a pack of cards from one stack to the other stack giving an over view of what is in that album :)

Yet another reason and another why, Nexus One is still king :-)

Rumors are flowing about the possibility of Nexus One predecessor to go along with Gingerbread. Personally, and even though I wish it, I don't see it.

Your source doesn't identify 3.0 as Honeycomb. I think 3.0 is widely considered to be Gingerbread, which would make a lot more sense as far as "development being nearly completed".

All good news, now if Samsung would hurry up with 2.2 I would be a little more excited about these newer future versions.

I really do hope Windows Phone 7 tanks, I don't like Microsoft thinking they can rape everyone at evrryhing, they are really good with computers and pretty above average with games. They should stick with that