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Today Amazon sent out an invitation for an event on April 2nd, and by all expectations we'd be surprised if we didn't see a TV media streamer announced. The invite — sent to TechCrunch and others — simply reads "Please join us for an update on our video business". It also displays a couch (a living room staple, if you were not aware) and popcorn (which, you know, people eat while watching things).

Amazon's going up against some prodigious competition, including the $99 iOS- and Mac-compatible Apple TV and the $35 Google Chromecast, as well as entrants from Roku, Boxee, and others.

So the question is, what exactly is Amazon's box going to do to differentiate itself? Of course, there will integration with Amazon's video library, but perhaps recent leaks of an Amazon game controller indicate that this hypothetical Amazon TV box could see gaming support as well. There's a decent selection of Android games in the Amazon Appstore that they could pull from, with many gaining proper controller support.

But will such an Amazon media box be enough to pull you away from your Chromecasts and Apple TVs and every other box you've got plugged into your TV set?

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Amazon sets April 2nd event, likely a media streamer for your TV


Yeah, no way I'm putting any more money into Amazon media if there strategy is to keep their content off the devices I use.

The price point has changed, so it has to be $50 or less (though I would argue $35).

And the choices had better be vast. I'm not going to waste an HDMI port for Amazon only content when other solutions exist that include Amazon and include others.

I would prefer free with a Prime subscription, especially with prime going up to $99 recently.

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Definitely, my GF is already lost between cable box, roku and chromecast, not to mention the home theater system.

Well, that'd be the last nail in the coffin for the mythical unicorn of a Chromecast-compatible Android app for Amazon Instant Video, I suppose.

Hey Amazon,


Us Prime customers deserve some support on Android...

Actually, TiVo only supports download of instant video purchases/rentals from Amazon. It does not support streaming such as Prime videos. I have a TiVo and have tried.

You can also add Blu-Ray players and Smart TVs to the list. My Panasonic Blu-Ray player and Samsung Smart TV both stream Amazon Prime fine.

Playstation costs $200+, and Roku has ads on the home screen, so it's a non-starter. Support on blu-ray players are a bit iffy.

A $25 dongle that works with the Amazon Prime Android app they will also introduce. Of course the Amazon Prime app won't support streaming to chromecast but will offer hi def streaming through their dongle.

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instant video app for android better be on tap! i see no need for a prime instant video set top box when my blu-ray player does this just fine!

Agreed. My smart-ish TV has an Amazon streaming video app. It works alright, but the interface is just absolutely hideous and so clunky that it's almost funny. I just want Chromecast streaming, dammit.

This better be good. As mentioned in the article..."just another streaming box" would be a huge letdown and major fail on Amazon's part. Give PRIME members a bonus for buying this because I already have a Roku 3

Exactly. As a Prime subscriber who uses a Roku 3, the new device must best - by far - what I already have, whether through technology or a huge Prime price cut.

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Boxee doesn't sell products anymore. Weren't they bought out by Samsung or someone like that

Damn. A tech fan to the core with all those devices in your selection., ;)

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Each TV in the house has something different. Except the living room has PS3 and google TV. Chromcast is new, I haven't found a spot for that yet. It may travel from TV to TV depending on when I want to use it. LOL. It was so cheap, I couldn't resist. Got it for $25.

Similar situation. Google TV Asus Cube on one TV. On the main TV I've got Chromecast, Samsung Smart TV, and xbox. Amazon Video and Vudu apps are far more attractive on xbox than any of the other platforms.

Nice selection. I have a Chromecast, Co-Star, Revue, and a Xbox.

Really wished that Amazon and others would support the Chromecast... It's me favorite by far.

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If it's not a dedicated Android app WITH Chromecast support, I DGAF!

Though I fear if Amazon is releasing their own "set-top" device, this will never happen.

the fact that AndroidCentral staff didn't get an invite means
the event isn't about Amazon Instant Video app for Android.

or am I wrong?

Instant Video selection isn't that good to begin with. Why is it a big deal again?

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It has such a terrible browsing interface, how do you even know the selection is bad? All I know is every movie I've searched for is not available for Prime instant streaming.

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