Like Inside Xbox and Nintendo Direct before it, Sony is jumping into the field of hosting livestreaming events that bring players the latest PlayStation announcements.

State of Play, as it's being called, will debut on Monday, March 25 at 2PM PT/5PM ET. Sony did not detail what exactly to expect in the first episode, but it promises it will showcase "upcoming PS4 and PS VR software, including new trailers, new game announcements and new gameplay footage." The company did not reveal how long the premiere was expected to last.

You will be able to watch it live worldwide on PlayStation's official social media channels across Twitch, YouTube, Twitter, or Facebook.

Going forward, Sony plans on hosting these State of Play livestreams throughout the year, however a schedule was not revealed. In comparison, Microsoft's Inside Xbox is generally hosted on a monthly basis and Nintendo holds Directs at any point the company deems necessary.

Seeing as E3 is coming up in a few months but Sony will not be attending the event for the first time in the show's nearly 25-year history, it's unclear if State of Play will be another avenue that it intends to relay announcements in lieu of a traditional press conference at E3 2019. In other words, don't hold your breath for any official PS5 news next week.

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