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  • A new patent was discovered, showing what could be Sony's ideas for next-generation PlayStation VR.
  • The images show a completely wireless headset, with a rear camera.
  • Sony has previously stated not to expect a new PlayStation VR headset soon.
  • The current PlayStation VR headset will be compatible with the PlayStation 5.

A new patent has been discovered by LetsGoDigital, showing different angles of what could be Sony's next-generation PlayStation VR headset. These images in the filing show a wireless headset that is similar to the current setup but without any cables attached. There's also a rear camera, which the PlayStation VR headset does not have right now. You can take a look at the various diagrams below:

The name given in the listing is, simply enough, PlayStation VR2, though that could obviously be a placeholder title. This theoretical PSVR2 could see plenty of other improvements, like the use of Bluetooth tech for the controllers. The simple fact that it is wireless brings it in line with other headsets like the Oculus Quest.

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PlayStation has previously talked about what to expect from its next VR push, including a higher field-of-view and eye tracking. Enthusiasts shouldn't expect to see a new headset anytime soon however, as the current headset will be compatible with the PlayStation 5.

Now, it's important to remember that not all patents end up meaning anything. Companies often file patents on technology they will never use. Still, it's safe to say that at some point, Sony will eventually release a new PlayStation VR headset and when they do, this filing could point to what it'll look like.

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