PlayStation VR review roundup

As the console world's first foray into the virtual world, Sony's PlayStation VR has a lot riding on its shoulders. Does it live up to the hype? Will it serve as a great introduction to VR? Can it compete with the already-established Oculus Rift and HTC Vive?

We've rounded up a collection of written and video reviews to help you form an overall opinion of PSVR.


Like most Sony related accessories, we basically have to hope it doesn't give up on it too soon. There's a future where Sony gets a year lead on a dominant VR landscape where even casual consumers are picking up a device, and there's another (darker?) timeline a year from now where developers have abandoned it, instead relegating the headset to hour-long minigames as side experiences.

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Digital Trends

While PSVR offers limited power and options compared to Rift and Vive, it is still a worthy "full VR" experience, offering the kind of virtual reality that can trick you into thinking you're somewhere else. You can look over the edge of a cliff, dive at the bottom of the ocean, or even fly.

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Good on Sony for actually delivering a decent VR headset that comes in much cheaper than the competition. It's even more impressive that it managed to get a decent amount of developers onboard for the initial push. Nonetheless, the PS VR is hard to recommend for most people. Even if you're intrigued by virtual reality, it's worth waiting for prices to go down and for the overall market to settle.

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Game Informer

The first question many have about PlayStation VR is how it stacks up to the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, and the quick answer is as expected: PlayStation VR is not as great as its main competitors. If you want to go all-in on virtual reality, money is no object, and you have an extra room in your house, then HTC Vive is the one I would personally recommend. That person is rare, however, and they probably bought a Vive back in April. The PlayStation 4 may lack in some areas such as screen resolution and controller-tracking, but this is modern virtual reality as we've come to define it. The headset offers a genuine sense of presence in its worlds and offers experiences unlike anything you've ever played before in the console space.

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With Playstation VR, Sony has built the device and platform that has the power to bring VR to the forefront. Playstation VR is simple to use, and relatively affordable for millions of people. It's technically impressive enough to be convincing, and most importantly, it already has really fun games you can play.

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But here's the deal. Despite the fact that the headset's hardware and tracking are less impressive than what's offered by competitors, Playstation VR still wins because it has the best line up of games on any VR system. Ever.

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Sony has managed to make its lower-priced PlayStation VR headset competitive where it counts. Despite its relatively low resolution it looks very good in games, and the headset is comfortable to wear and easy to use after you've dealt with its many wires. Paired with the Move controllers it provides good but sometimes flakey motion tracking on your hands, but the PlayStation Camera's limited viewing angle is a weakness, and so is its inability to see behind you.

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Push Square

Tech Radar

In three short years, Sony has taken PlayStation VR from the ground floor of development to an industry-leading product. PlayStation VR is a wholly new platform that embodies so much of what made the original PlayStation so great – it's innovative, smart and easy-to-use. It's affordable and already has one or two must-play titles. It's a far cry from a complete package – and in some ways fails to live up to the high bar set by the HTC Vive – but, for $200/£150 less than an Oculus Rift, I'm not complaining.

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The PS VR is a truly transformative piece of consumer hardware. Virtual reality tech has existed for decades but price has always held it back from the real world users. At $399 for the headset and around $800 for the entire package, PlayStation VR finally takes the PC out of the equation and delivers positionally-tracked, high quality VR to real consumers.

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The Verge

Trusted Reviews

PlayStation VR is simply the best virtual reality headset you can buy right now. It's cheap while not compromising on performance and quality. The headset is simply stunning and incredibly comfortable to wear, and the games already available are some of the best VR experiences I've ever played.

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