Sony just announced it is releasing a new PlayStation VR (PSVR) bundle for you to get your hands on. Two games, that have been wildly loved in the VR community, will be included in this package. That's Moss, and Astro Bot: Rescue Mission. You can find this amazing bundle on Amazon for $300!

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Everything you get in the bundle


Moss is the story of an adorable mouse, named Quill, that you get to help through her adventures. Dive into this story of fantasy and adventure to really get a taste of what true imagination means. This stunning game was created by Polyarc, who you can tell put a lot of love and effort into making it just as phenomenal as we were hoping it would be. If you already have your PSVR system, you can find Moss on Amazon by itself for $30.

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Astro Bot: Rescue Mission

This is a thrilling platformer that's coming straight to you from Japan Studios. Everything about this title sparks a sense of childhood excitement that will have you on the edge of your seat, smiling, for each new level. If you already have your PSVR system, you can find Astro Bot: Rescue Misson on Amazon for $40.

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PlayStation VR kit

Naturally, this bundle includes a PSVR. Specifically, it includes the headset, PlayStation Camera, PlayStation Move controllers, earbuds, and the sync box you connect to your PlayStation 4. It's everything you need to get started with any PlayStation, no matter if it's the launch console or a shiny new PS4 Pro.

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All together, this is a pretty sweet bundle. In fact, it's easily the best bundle Sony has released so far. Moss and Astro Bot will give you plenty to do in VR for days, and gives you something fun to share with friends. If you've been considering the dive into VR, this is the best starting point around.

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