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  • Sony held an investor relations day.
  • Microsoft and Sony have partnered on cloud gaming.
  • Streaming will play an important role with PlayStation going forward.

Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan spoke at the company's most recent investor relations (IR) day and reaffirmed the importance of cloud gaming and streaming services to PlayStation going forward. The presentation specifically referenced Sony's short-term and long-term strategies with PlayStation Now, PS4 Remote Play, and Sony's new partnership with Microsoft regarding game streaming technologies.

According to Sony, PS4 Remote Play has seen 5.6 million users and racked up over 71 million hours of gameplay cumulatively across multiple devices. As for PlayStation Now, the service is currently available in regions that reach over 70% of the console's install base. Sony plans to expand its investments to improve the quality of streamed content and strengthen its marketing support in the medium term.

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Long-term goals are focused on streaming. The business model for the next-generation PlayStation will focus on gamer choice in three categories: Blu-ray, download, and streaming. Streaming is the only category that that the PS3 and PS4 lacks in a meaningful way right now. Sony's vision for next-gen is a "a massively enhanced PlayStation community where enriched and shared PlayStation experiences can be seamlessly enjoyed independent of time and place – with or without a console." This will be done by leveraging new and existing partnerships, like its one with Microsoft.

Microsoft and Sony partner on game streaming technology

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