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What you need to know

  • A new patent filed by Sony Interactive Entertainment has been discovered
  • This patent points to the use of "scene tagging" technology that can add complicated metadata to user-generated content.
  • This patent could be an indicator of features that will show up in the PlayStation 5.

While the PlayStation 5 is set to release in holiday 2020, bit by bit, pieces of information pertinent to Sony's next console are being revealed, whether through interviews or patent filings. In a patent first spotted by RespawnFirst and filed by Sony Interactive Entertainment, Sony detailed the use of "scene tagging" functionality, which will add metadata and other specific information to images or video clips that users share. This would then allow others to search for user-shared content that fits particular specifications, or possibly even experience the same events that were recorded.

Advanced search features are neat but the idea of recording metadata to let other players experience the same thing in their own game is ambitious, at the very least. It's important to note that just because a patent has been filed doesn't necessarily mean this technology will see use in the PlayStation 5. Large companies often file patents for ideas that never end up seeing implementation. Still, the fact that it is being filed means we could see some form of this technology used in future PlayStation features.

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Another patent that was spotted a while ago may have given us our first glance at the PlayStation 5 controller, which still hasn't been confirmed as (but will almost certainly be called) the DualShock 5. We'll continue to provide updates on any new information regarding the PlayStation 5.

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