Meerkat rose to prominence at the South by Southwest conference in Austin earlier this year. To broadcast using the app, all you need to do is log in with your Twitter account and hit the stream button, which then posts a tweet to your Twitter timeline with a link to your live video stream. The stream itself is only available for the duration of the broadcast.

Soon after the launch of Meerkat, Twitter rolled out a similar service made possible with an acquisition called Periscope, while simultaneously limiting Meercat's access to its APIs. With Twitter's offering currently exclusive to iOS, Meerkat's expansion to Android will definitely serve to increase its profile further.

If you're interested in giving the beta build of Meerkat a go, fill out the sign-up form here. There's no telling as to how many beta testers Meerkat is looking for, so be sure to get your entry in right away.

Source: Twitter (Meerkat)