How to use Team Attacks in Kingdom Hearts 3

Team attacks are one of the various ways that Sora and company can turn the tides of battle in Kingdom Hearts 3. Team attacks are different to the other forms of magic or transformations in this sequel, as you can use it to traverse through the environment. In this guide, I'll talk you through how to activate these team attacks.

In battle

When you're in battle you will notice a gauge filling up on your left-hand side that looks like arrows, once they appear you have an increased likelihood of triggering a team attack. When it's ready, it will start counting down so be sure to keep an eye on the timer. Once the timer runs out you will not be able to use the attack until the next time it's available.

  1. Press the Triangle on PS4 or Y button on Xbox One to activate the attack.

These attacks will stack along the left-hand side with other things to activate, like any Keyblade transformations or grand magic. Getting them stacked in the right order and using them at the right times will be the key to victory even in the toughest of battles.

Team Attacks in the world

Team attacks work as a way to traverse through the world of Kingdom Hearts 3. These attacks are usually unlocked as you progress through the main story of a world. For example, Goofy Curling is unlocked when you get through a mission in Arendale. These are unmissable actions and are required for you to progress through the story.

  1. Press the Triangle on PS4 or Y button on Xbox One to activate the attack.

With this knowledge, you should be better equipped to traverse through all the battles and worlds that Kingdom Hearts throws at you. Be sure to explore all the nooks and crannies. Team attacks are a great way of exploring different areas and hard to reach areas, so be sure to take the time to use it!

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