Donut County, the game that's best described as a "reverse Katamari," has just announced that it's getting a physical disc release on PlayStation 4. There will also be a vinyl of the game's amazing soundtrack, and both of them are available for pre-order on the iam8bit store.

If you've never heard of Donut County before, then you're in for a treat. Donut County is a physics puzzle game that features a mysterious hole in the ground controlled by a mischievous and misunderstood raccoon. As the hole swallows things up, it gets bigger, and soon enough it'll grow to swallow up entire buildings and other architectural structures without breaking a sweat.

The game itself has been praised for clever storytelling and the unique cast of characters. There's a lot of humor sprinkled in through the character dialogue, and you'll grow to love this weird group.

The vinyl soundtrack costs $40, and is a 2xLP colored record with a 48" fold out jacket, perfect for the collectors. The music is by Daniel Koestner, who combines instrumental ukulele with hip hop. The vinyl also comes with a digital download code.

As far as the physical PS4 release, this is limited to only 5000 copies, so you'd better act fast if you want one for your collection. This will cost $30 and the disc is region-free, so it will play on any PS4, regardless of the region it came from.

I played Donut County when it first came out last year (we have tips and tricks) and it was one of my favorite calming gaming experiences as of late. There's just something relaxing about controlling a hole that swallows up everything in its path, you know?

Donut County is available on PlayStation 4, Steam, Mac App Store, and iOS.

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