JetBlue and Amazon partner to bring Instant Video to the air

Thanks to a new partnership between Amazon and JetBlue, Prime members will be even more excited about the Instant Video services, as they can now stream these videos from the air. The new partnership will enable Fly-Fi for Amazon Prime members, giving them access to thousands of movies, TV shows and more at no additional cost. Fly-Fi will give users internet speeds they would get at home or work, thanks to the use of satellite technology.

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From Michael Paull, Vice President of Digital Video at Amazon:

"We want to provide the best digital video experience to our customers and we're excited that, with JetBlue, we will raise the bar in airline entertainment. We're thrilled that Fly-Fi technology will give Prime members and customers unlimited, on-demand access to the full catalog of titles from Amazon's digital video library while they're in the sky—without the need to rush to download one more episode or movie before taking off, we're helping make airline travel more enjoyable."

Amazon Prime members are not the only ones benefiting from the new partnership. All JetBlue customers will be able to browse, rent, or purchase thousands of titles in the Amazon Instant Video store over the free broadband internet.

Source: Amazon

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