Amazon  Fire Y with game controller

Streaming games to a console, PC or set-top TV box similar to movies and TV shows has been a mixed experience at best. Amazon and GameFly hope to give Amazon Fire TV owners a solid streaming game service with today's launch of GameFly Streaming for Amazon's set-top box. Here's what owners can expect if they sign up for GameFly Streaming:

Using the GameFly service, customers can play top quality PC titles, including Warner Brothers' acclaimed Batman series, Darksiders II, and Dirt 3. Game packs start at $6.99 a month and at launch customers can choose from six gaming packs. Customers can use the GameFly service with the Amazon Fire TV Game Controller, which is available for $39.99.

The big question: Will this new service work when other solutions, such as OnLive, have failed in the past? Users have complained that streaming games cuts down on their graphical quality compared to games that are downloaded and stored on a hard drive, and of course there's always the issue with lag and other networking problems when using a service that is dependent completely on an Internet connection. Hopefully Amazon and GameFly will have better luck.

Source: Amazon