Moving around in VR when you can't just walk with your real legs is always a little challenging. Teleportation doesn't always feel real enough, and moving with the PlayStation Move controllers is often challenging when you're supposed to be using your arms for something else in the game. A frequently requested solution for many VR games has been a foot-based moving controller, but there hasn't been an officially supported PlayStation VR supported accessory until now.

And after spending a little time with 3Rudder, the new PlayStation VR accessory for enhanced movement, I'm excited to play as many games as possible this way.

3Rudder is a fairly simple looking accessory. It's a black and blue disk that sits on the floor in front of your chair with a single cable running to your PlayStation. You put your feet on the blue spaces, and as you tilt your feet you can move in VR. Lean the platform forward, and you move forward. Twist the platform to the left and right, and you turn to the left and right. Apply pressure to the top or bottom of the blue spaces, and you can control pitch and yaw if you're in a flight environment.

After a couple of minutes in the game, I greatly appreciated this over teleportation.

My hands on experience with 3Rudder was just for a single game, but in it I was able to quickly move through a maze and fight giant orcs as they came running toward me. Having 3Rudder under me made it natural to dodge left and right, or quickly back up when I wanted to. And it all felt surprisingly natural after a moment or two to adjust.

The biggest challenge was figuring out how far I wanted to twist the pad with my feet to rotate my body, and making sure I wasn't also turning my head and confusing myself in the process. But after a couple of minutes in the game, I greatly appreciated this over teleportation.

According to the folks at 3Rudder, there will be 20 PlayStation VR games supported at launch, with this considerably more expected throughout the year. This includes big titles like Sairento, with a full list expected soon. You can pre-order 3Rudder for $120 starting today!

Pre-order at 3Rudder

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