Vizio 8 

The Vizio 8" (yes, that's the name) now supports Hulu Plus, the first tablet to officially do so. To be fair, Vizio's latest device runs Gingerbread instead of Honeycomb, so you can't really take this as a sign of things around the corner for the XOOM, Galaxy Tab 10.1, and other higher-end tablets. Nevertheless, it's a welcome addition to what the Vizio 8" has to offer. Hulu Plus runs for $7.99/month, and coupled with the $299 pricetag on the Vizio 8", you're looking at a reasonably priced option for bringing your favorite current run TV shows on the go. Hit the source link for Vizio's full press release, and grab Hulu Plus from the Android Market on your new tablet.

Source: PR Newswire


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Vizio 8" tablet first of its kind to support Hulu Plus


I'm not the guy to usually do this, but they aren't the first tablet to do so they are the second. The iPad was the first, last year.

Maybe it's just me, but I'm really losing patience with Hulu Plus. What exactly is my $8 / month going towards? It seems like EVERY TIME I want to watch a "current season" show, it comes back and tells me that the show is only available for viewing on the web!

This is when I'm using my XBox and the 'official' XBox / Hulu Plus 'app' in the dashboard.. I can't even use my shiny new Revue (but that's a whole other can'o'worms).

I'm wondering if the apps for iPad or even now Android will have the same restriction. That being that certain content (aka everything that I happen to want to watch) is only available if I'm sitting in front of a PC and watching it through a browser that happens to be running a version of the Flash player that Hulu is happy with.


Kudos for Vizio for at least getting the ball rolling on the Android side.

iOS has the same issue and is why I gave up Hulu+. None of the shows I wanted to watch were available. I know this isn't hulu's fault, but it still sucks.

What could possibly be the hold-up here? I mean I understand app compatibility and stuff, but why can't they just enable it to play via the browser until their app is ready for all devices?