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Verizon continues its expansive 4G LTE rollout today with improvements to its network in several markets in New York. Users in these areas may or may not already have LTE coverage, but Verizon is promising that it is expanding the network in these areas. The markets receiving updates are below:

  • Poughkeepsie, New York
  • Greene County, New York
  • Utica-Rome, New York
  • Binghamton, New York

The Verizon LTE train keeps chugging along, covering more and more markets. At this point we're not surprised that they're focusing on enhancing current markets, given that nearly all major areas already have some kind of LTE coverage.

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Reader comments

Verizon expands 4G LTE coverage in New York


I've had 4G in Poughkeepsie since February on Verizon. It's been a little spotty but growing more and more consistant. I guess that's why they're officially announcing it now.

im waiting on sprint to get the shit together with their 4g roll out and im thinking that i should have just paid the extra money and have chosen Verizon.

Sprint is doing more than just an LTE overlay. They are replacing the entire network from the ground up. It will take longer, but well worth the site density and capacity.... Something Verizon and AT&T are already struggling with in some areas.