Swype for Android

If you're rocking the "beta" version of Swype (we put beta in quotes because if it didn't come preloaded on your phone, it's the only version you're legally supposed to be using -- nudge nudge, wink know, know what I mean?), note that it just got and update, and it's one you need to pay attention to. Here's the full changelog:

INSTALLER v.1.1.14896

  • Revised installer workflow. Users can now enable Swype and select it as the default input method from within the Swype installer.

  • The installer now includes a repair feature. If a previous installation failed, or if the existing Swype BETA installation is broken (missing/corrupt license, etc), the installer will attempt to resume the installation process and repair any broken elements.

  • Clarified error messages to give a more accurate description of the specific problem encountered.

  • Added links to the tutorial and tips-and-tricks videos to the end of the installation.

SWYPE BETA v2.15.56.14870

  • Added support for new installer features, such as version checking and installation repair.

  • Merged the most recent changes from trunk (mostly device-specific bugfixes)

Of particular interest to us is the second bullet point. If a previous installation failed (and guess who had that problem) ... That's right, it crashed and burned for me but is up and running now. Oh, happy day.

Again, this is for everybody running the official beta. If your phone came pre-loaded with Swype -- and that's damn near every phone released in the last six months or so -- satay away. For everybody else, head to http://beta.swype.com/android/get and get your download on. [Swype]


Reader comments

Swype beta updated, streamlined


so if they keep updating the beta for other devices, does that mean the version on motorola droids need updating too? or is the droid version from the future? :)

I believe the "beta" version has a license that will expire. A better question would be- why not just open the damn beta so everyone can test it?

Meanwhile, I will continue to use Shapewriter on my Evo...

It's kind of frustrating to hear about all these updates that I can't get. How are they going to resolve this schism between versions when Swype comes out of beta?

Streamlined? 10.36Mb. I might describe it somewhat differently ;). Shame as I don't have the space to run it.

I am so sick of pecking out words one letter at a time. I'm on an EVO and I'm so close to purchasing SlideIt, but holding out for Swype. I had Swype on a previous phone and I'm so frustrated that they don't just sell the dang app.

I was part of the original beta team when I had my original Droid. Then my OG Droid was replaced with a Droid2 which has a version of Swype already preloaded. I am still on the beta mailing list and get the updates sent to me, but I can't download them to my D2. I am stuck with "official" version included with my phone, which has not been updated.
Is there a way I can download these updates onto my D2?

This update works smooth as butter on my Incredible. Also I glad that they have added the V2T key. Weird cause the pic above doesn't show it on the Nexus.

I am really interested in trying Swype out....but I see there are other options....how does SlideIt measure up? Looks similar but perhaps not as polished? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

I personally do not like slideit. On most words I attempted, it had no clue and gave me ?. Yeah, it is nowhere near the quality of swype.

Dear Swype,

Open the damned beta again.


Yes they need to open it up. I mean really. It just sucks for all the users who don' have it. We all want it and yet we can't. It almost sounds like they are being mean and trying to get us to upgrade our phones. Well guess what swype? we want it on our current phones!

Wow, that's the first time I didn't have to try to install swype 5 times to get it to work. Worked on the first try.

Trying out swype as well as slideit. Both are good, but leaning towards slideit. One of them is killing my battery. Seems like slideit does a better job of picking the correct words. Like the layout of swype better.

So I'm getting ready to drop my old Palm Pre for a shiny new Android phone on Sprint. If I go with the EVO will I not be able to get Swype installed? It sounds like only the people who were able to get in on the beta from a while ago are the only one's using it?

Been trying out Swype as well as SlideIT. here is what I see. speeds keyboard has a better layout. you can long press fit punctuation and numbers. I like that. SlideIT seems to be more accurate on the words I an typing. swype seems to kill my battery. SlideIT doesn't seem to hurt battery. will probably buy full version of SlideIT.