Xperia pro

Sony Ericsson is now listing the new keyboard-toting Xperia Pro on its official UK store, with availability slated for "late September". This sees the phone slipping further into late Q3, following earlier delays which saw it miss its Q2 release window.

The phone will launch at SIM-free price point of £349.99 (~$560), which is comparable to what you'll pay for an Xperia Neo right now. It'll also come with a number of premium features that've already impressed us on current SE devices, including an 8.1MP Exmor R camera, Mobile Bravia Engine and HDMI connectivity.

With the HTC Desire Z looking increasingly long in the tooth, there's a shortage of decent mid to high-end Android QWERTY sliders in Europe right now. We'll be watching to see if Sony Ericsson can take advantage of this gap in the market this September.

Source: Sony Ericsson Store; via: Engadget


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Sony Ericsson Xperia Pro coming 'late September' in UK


Why is it that Qwerty phones are so sparse in Europe. I've been waiting for a good slider for over a year and the only one that came close to me buying was the desire z. Where's the milestone 3 or an euro version of the mytoich 4g slide or ,my personal favourite phone that won't ever exist, the galaxy sii pro ( I loved the look of the epic and was gutted it never made it here)