Had a pleasant surprise during Week 3 of the NFL season. (Never mind that the Steelers blew it by letting the Raiders within a half-mile of the end zone, with ol' Sea Bass on the sidelines.) SiriusXM is now streaming NFL games live online. And that means you also can listen to them on the SiriusXM Android application.

And that means I no longer need the NFL Mobile app, which only officially works on Verizon phones, to listen to games that aren't on TV. (And, yes, that means no cracked versions.)

I've never been a fan of such exclusives. Now, it doesn't matter. You will, however, need an extra app to keep up with the latest news and stats, but that's no big deal. OK, and you'll also need a subscription to SiriusXM. But kudos to to the company for getting this one done. Why didn't anyone tell me before now?


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So long, Verizon-exclusive NFL app: SiriusXM now streams NFL games


I'm a huge fan too...I was so mad, I threw my terrible towel at the TV. I'm just glad it wasn't something with more substance LOL

whoa there... congrats to Wiz Khalifa and all of his success, but it's Black & Gold, not Black & Yellow.

I use the Verizon app every week but I watch red zone. So until there's a better option to view the live tv feed I guess I'm stuck. Still, nice to know there's another option.

BIG Steelers fan here also.
Don't know why they have so much trouble recently when playing in the West.
Oh well. No more trips for them out that far the rest of the season. Only have to go to Dallas.

the Sirus/XM app keeps getting better and better. There are also channels to listen to MLB games (Go Indians!!), on-demand content to download, show notifications. Between my phone and tablet, I no longer use my actual Sirius receiver anymore. Radio at its best

It is a good option. But for me I'd rather stick with DirecTV Sunday Ticket Max and watch the game, especially on the Nexus 7! :-) Note: if you're rooted you have to disable/hide Super User before launching the Sunday Ticket for Tablets app or it'll crash.

unfortunately it took me a while and a lot of FC's to figure this out (but works on my rooted phone). What do you use to hide root? I used an app from the app store but it didn't restore root when I was done.

awesome, thanks! alternatively, I just flashed CM10 again and had root. A good alternative if I'm not near a computer.

The squealers are over rated and won't win their division this year.

The Raiders...on the other hand waited for them to eff up one more time and then cleaned up.

The officiating was terrible. How do you knock guys down two plays in a row and get no penalties? Sending a guy to the hospital, just a minor oversight by these scabs.

Oh YA. The Raiders won. Didja hear? haha

I happen to use the siriusxm application all the time, took all the other streaming apps off my phone and this app is finally a really good application worth the money.

As for Verizon, I am so disappointed with their efforts on the NFL app. Deciding to charge you for it and then removing it from at least the Xoom tablet for updates. I am stuck with the old version of the app on my tablet. It doesn't matter because they had red zone blocked from tablets last year anyway. I figured when they decided to charge for the service I'd be able to use the app but instead they blocked it in the market.

I have no doubt that the NFL will not renew with a carrier and open this application to everyone once they see people will pay for the access.

Haven't they always streamed NFL games on the app? It's still not as good as subscribing to NFL Mobile...which lets you watch the games.

SiriusXM did NOT stream the NFL games on mobile apps. They only allowed it on radios and computers only just two weeks ago. It's nice to see that they've changed their minds.

You were able to stream it before on your phone. You just had to find schedule online and then find the channel number and then stream the game. Now they have dedicated team channels.