Remember that pre-release software update Motorola put out a few days ago? Well, you can now grab that update over-the-air. The update brings the Motorola Atrix 4G to software version 4.1.57. Unfortunately, the update does not address any of the voice quality issues some users are experiencing with the Atrix 4G -- at least they're not included in the update notes from Motorola. 

Here is what's included in the update:

  • Fingerprint reader - Improved fingerprint reader performance
  • Battery- Improved battery performance for longer battery life
  • Screen - Display will turn off automatically now while charging directly on wall charger
  • Phone stability - Improved stability resulting in fewer occurrences of touch unresponsiveness and/or programs quitting unexpectedly.
  • Car dock - Improved performance of car dock and 3.5mm jack

Be sure to  keep on hitting that update button and check back with us to let us know if you hear any difference voice quality. The Android Central Forums and the comments section below is great for that! Thanks, @yval8957!


Reader comments

Motorola Atrix update rolling out, brings it to 4.1.57


I Updated My Attic Yesterday And The Fingerprint Scanner Is 10 Times More Accurate. Normally It Took 3-4 Swipes To Unlock My Phone, Now All I Need Is One Swipe! I Haven't Had Any Problems With Voice Quality Though.

I got my update today for the bug fixes. I am now on 4.1.57 and have more issues than before.

WELL............when i got up this morning, the update was waiting for me to install on my Atrix. It downloaded and installed.


When the phone rebooted, it had 57 apps running. Most are new to me, being named like com.motorola or

ALSO, they cannot be stopped using app killer.

In addition to those new apps, I have duplicate apps running at the same time, apps which have never run at boot before. 2 Paypals, 2 Maps, 2 Vlingos,.................

I have been talking to Motorola and they have no idea what is happening.

I am now waiting for level 3 support to call me back.

at least we got to keep root. I almost took my phone back for the HTC Inspire but held out since root is still possible now we just need them to unlock the bootloader.

Oh noes it removes root....please people..if you are phone swapping for such a simple thing.....go get an iphone.

Actually without Root access the Atrix is a hot mess. So I would agree with the poster above saying without root he would switch. However at the same time any device will be rooted after an update just takes some time. Patience is a virtue.

I recently got rid of my Atrix for the Inspire but it wasn't due to an update/root issue it was the fact no dev supports it really and I want to get the full/real Android experience.

really maybe you should use the atrix w/out root what a piece of crap. I agree to get the full android experience I would rather have my phone rooted and bootloader unlocked but that is not an option right now. so stick it up you a#%

Don't think it's worth updating. I froze all the update related apps, running Gingerblur, maybe I'll update when they release gingerbread. Maybe.

Why would you not? GingerBlur is simply a theme to make the phone look like Gingerbread minus all the functionality of Gingerbread.

I had to pull my battery before it would find the update. Finger sensor does read much faster swipes now. I've never had issues with call quality, still sounds good to me.

It breaks root, doesn't fix HSUPA, or VOIP outgoing problem.. Hmm... I think I will hold off till there's a root and a way to install 3rd party app