Like seemingly every other phone in the world, the HTC Hero will be available at Best Buy. Best Buy Mobile has just announced that they'll be offering up the HTC Hero on October 11th for the same price of $179.99. They'll be the only non-Sprint store that'll sell the Hero so if you have a Best Buy near you but not a Sprint store, you're in luck!

So why is buying the HTC Hero from Best Buy a better deal than buying the phone from a Sprint store? Two words: Instant Rebates. When you buy the Hero from Best Buy the upfront cost is $179.99 (plus applicable fees) as opposed to Sprint retail stores charging you $279.99 with $100 off through mail-in-rebate. The end cost is the same but who wants to deal with mail-in-rebates? Hassle free instant rebates are the way to go

Anyone still buying the Hero from a Sprint retail store?


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Best Buy Will Sell Sprint HTC Hero, Better Option Than Buying From Sprint


Does Best Buy take advantage of the Sprint Premier upgrades? That would be a deal breaker for me...


I bought an instinct for my wife last month at best buy and they matched all the deals that sprint game me in my premier program.

They gave me 25% of accessories too!

Yes, as long as Sprint'systems say that you're upgrade eligible, we will do your upgrades just like any other carrier store.

I wouldn't go back to Sprint if they gave the phones away. The phone itself is a minor cost compared to the phone plans and I'm much happier with a flexible GSM Android phone.

I can't get on the Everything Plus Plan with Best Buy can I? If I can't then their is your answer. Will be buying online unless like I said I can sign up to the new SERO plans.

I reserved mine today! Certain Best Buy's are selling them early. Well not the phones but the pre-sale vouchers. I bought mine today. Now just have wait till the 11th to get my hands on my new baby!


It's not the same service. Sprint stores transfer your contacts AND help you setup your email as well as other things at NO ADDITIONAL cost. Last phone i bought Best Buy charged me $50 for those things! instant rebate is good for the pocket but not for the convenience.

an instinct for my wife last month at best buy and they matched all the deals that sprint game me in my premier program

@ android junkie -
Best Buy Mobile does not charge for those services when you purchase the phones from them.

In fact they never charge you to transfer contacts for anyone! In my area VZW charges their customers $10 to transfer contacts. Instead those people come to BBYM to do it and when they learn that we dont do mail in rebates they ask us to call them when their next upgrade is so they can shop with us instead.

Unfortunately if you buy your phone from a carrier store and they dont teach you anything about your new device then yes we do charge a small amount depending on what the service is. After all we are picking up the slack the carrier stores failed to deliver.

WHY would you give best buy your sprint business? DEFIANTLY buy your hand held from an authorized sprint store.

I'm eligible for a 1 year discount from Sprint which is $75 off from Sprints retail price if I sign up again for two years. Anyone know what the price would be at BB with my current status?

My roomie and I just purchased a Sprint HTC Hero each from Best Buy. We were both 2 year eligible (our contracts had expired), and were able to upgrade. When we went, the phones were on sale for just $99 for new customers, with a 2 year contract. Even though we werent technically new customers, the best buy associate still gave us that discounted price! We got the instant rebates, plus 25% off accessories. total, we paid $99 for the phone, plus $54 tax, and $54 worth of accessories (clear screen cover, car charger and skin). Our totals were $207 each and we are SUPER happy with the phone and accessories! We love Best Buy!

I just want to point out that it is still safer to buy from a Sprint store that way, if anything goes wrong with the mobile phone then you know where you should go to. Sprint stores have techs that will help you right there and then. Cheers!

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I had a terrible experience with Sprint and good thing Best Buy had a brain to think of this offer because some customers don't want to be tied into those deceptive contract deals. And btw, Best buy has tech guys as well so no biggie if they will have problems with it in the future.
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