U.S. launch on Android, iOS and the web 'within the next few months'

It seems Beats Electronics' rumored music streaming service could become a reality sooner rather than later. Beats president and COO Luke Wood has told TheNextWeb that the Beats Music streaming service will be arriving for U.S. users "within the next few months" on the web, as well as in the form of mobile apps for Android and iOS. The news follows Beats' acquisition of the MOG music streaming service last July.

The Beats Music experience will be centered around playlists, and Wood confirmed earlier reports that specially curated playlists would be offered through the service: "We’re going to focus really heavily on playlists, because that’s how we consume music and that’s how most people consume music."

"We’re talking about real depth of personalization and knowing who I am, who you are, what we’re listening to, what we like, what we’ve listened to before and then offering up music that is highly relevant to our taste profile," Wood added.

Beats Music will go up against streaming incumbents Spotify and Rdio, as well as Google Play Music and iTunes Radio, which are strong contenders on their respective platforms. It's unclear how the streaming service might figure in Beats' partnership with HTC. Beats recently bought back the Taiwanese manufacturer's remaining 25 percent stake in the company, effectively freeing it from HTC control. However future HTC handsets with Beats Audio are understood to be in the works, and the manufacturer has described beats as an "important partner."

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Source: TNW; via: iMore


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Beats Music streaming service reportedly just months away


Totally agree. I get virtually the same experience and enjoyment using any of five other services. I'm not exactly waiting in anticipation for this one.

I feel like Beats isn't utilizing their Doug Funny/Pattie Mayonaise star power to their full potential. They need to get fun and creative and come up with a slogan like "OHH EE OHH KILLER TOFU!!"

All beats products are powerful at the buisness , but when it comes to apps , no app can compete with spotify ,itunes and google play music

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But this is music streaming service by Dr Dre and that toolbag Jimmy Whatever!!! They are music gods!! They know what is best for you and your ears!


On a serious note, I won't bash the service until I've tried it. But, $7.99 per month, for Google Music, has me spoiled.

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I do listen to it with Beats though, only because I got them free with my Rezound, I wouldn't pay for them...

They had Beats on display at a local big box store. I took a listen to these $300 wunderkinds. They were horrible. The $150 Sony cans next to them were way better and were more attractive to my eyes.

Marketing is a powerful force; never more powerful than when it successfully portrays "cool".

I find SOL Republic to be a very good company, the AMPS are the best in ear headphones I've ever heard. I prefer the amps over bose's ie2.

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Man so much hate in this post and the product is not even out yet. I sub to Google Play but I will give it a chance just like I did the others before passing judgment.

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I love my Beats Wireless Headphones! Took a look at the new 2013 redesigned Beats Studio at Best Buy the other day and they sounded great, as long as your genre of music are pop, hip hop, or dance beats.

Exactly. And that's a lot of money just to listen to those types of "music." For that amount, you could grab a set of audiophile cans; but alas, they wouldn't be hip, so I make a moot point.

And I'm with rudyy50 on playlists. The closest I come is selecting a genre or maybe an artist. I can't comprehend listening to the same stuff on a daily basis.

Thusly, I listen to some free Pandora and Slacker, but mostly I'm locked onto internet radio. Monthly cost: ZERO.

Isn't Spotify being sued for copyright infringement because of user generated play lists? I'm pretty sure the Ministry of Sound are suing them because of that, if they win that's going to really balls everything up.

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I am enjoying my AllAccess subscription. Low price, and so much music to choose from. Not just streaming, but listening to whatever I want and the ability to store the music locally, that's a great deal.

I used to skateboard with Ian Rogers in 6th grade in Goshen, IN. Come on guys, give this is a chance, the beastie boys think he's cool!