What you need to know

  • MediEvil is being remade for PlayStation 4.
  • It releases on October 25, 2019.
  • You can play the demo starting today.

Yes, The Last of Us Part II dominated State of Play this time around, but I promise there were other announcements. During Sony's latest State of Play event, the company revealed that the MediEvil remake would be getting a playable demo on the PlayStation Store starting today.

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Join Sir Daniel Fortesque in a slashing-good time through the opening stages of MediEvil for PS4. Marvel at the beautifully rebuilt Kingdom of Gallowmere in 4K as you embark on a quest of redemption that will take you through zombies, demons, necromancers and …crawling hands? Featuring the tried and true gameplay of the original PS1 title with a number of graphical and technical enhancements, dead has never looked so alive!

PlayStation notes that you should keep an eye out for Sir Dan's helmet in the demo, because finding it will unlock it in the main game. This helmet originally only appeared in the PS1 version of the game in Japan when it released.

Rise from the dead


Battle Zarok and his evil minions

It's always a treat when our favorite childhood classics get remade. MediEvil looks to take everything we loved about the original and modernize it for today's audiences.

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