Gamescom is a massive gaming event held in Europe every year since about 2009. It's back now in 2018 and boy do they have quite a few titles waiting for us. If you're just as hype for this as I am, and you're just as much of a PlayStation fan, you probably want to know all the titles that are being announced at Gamescom this year.

Good news. We've got a few hands on deck at the event and this means we can get you information about announced titles as soon as they come out. Make sure you bookmark this page on your phone or computer and keep checking in during the Gamescom event! As soon as we hear something, I'll make sure it's updated here ASAP!

The Exhibitors

There are more than quite a few large names coming to Gamescom this year. If you want to narrow your search down to what games have been announced by just them, no worries. All the titles have been separated by who's making them so you can get right down to your favorites. Here we will list all the big exhibitors we know are going to be there in advance. But, with so many Indie companies going as well we will definitely make sure you are kept in the loop for the PS4 games announced through them as well!

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This year it's been confirmed that attendees at Gamescom will be able to get their paws on some Rage 2 gameplay, but what else is going on? Well, The Elder Scrolls: Blades will be debuting in Europe for the first time along with Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset.

When it comes to your PlayStation VR, Bethesda is even bringing some gameplay of Wolfenstein: Cyberpilot! We'll make sure to report back with all our thoughts and juicy details!

Fallout 76

What's this? Bethesda hosted a Fallout 76 party to celebrate the new dwellers of Vault 76? Not just that, but they even gave us a new trailer for the game! You can watch it right here, too. This time they've played on something we've all loved from the Fallout games, and that's building our settlements. I'm extremely excited that this MMO will still have a decent amount of crafting to it. Even in games like Minecraft some of the best parts of gameplay are going out with your friends to collect resources and then building something with them. It's that much more rewarding for all of your efforts.

Epic Games

Epic games have been all the craze in the world lately. This company brought you Fortnite, one of the extremely popular online games circulating right now. With a whole lot of ups and downs with the politics of Epic Games who knows what they're going to be bringing to the table when it comes to Gamescom. Perhaps they'll announce they're working on something new, or that Fortnite is going to finally be cross-compatible with PlayStation 4 (we wish). Who knows, keep your self in the loop by following this post!


Epic Games blew Gamescom out of the water this year by creating a Fornite "theme park" for the fans to partake in. There was nothing but comments from players in that the area was massively overpopulated, proving how much everyone wanted to be there. They took this event, something that is already a great adventure, and turned it into the embodiment of fun.


Mimimi is a studio that has brought you games like Shadow Tactics and The Last Tinker. They're a German based software development company with a home base over there in Munich. One of the biggest things they are known for is the intense story arcs that are put into their games. If you're playing something by Mimimi, there's a pretty good chance you're invested deeply into the story.


Partnering with THQ Nordic, they're coming to bring you an all-new Desperados! Mimimi representative, Dominik, came on stage to let us know the reason we have been waiting so long for another Desperados is that there was "no market for it." Everyone was so trapped in futuristic games they didn't want to try bringing back old Westerns just yet. But, the bandits are back in town and ready to test your quick thinking skills!

Bandai Namco

Most of you might not recognize the name because most people don't pay attention to title screens when playing, but you'll surely recognize their games. Bandi Namco has worked on some massive titles, including Dark Souls, Pac-Man, the Naruto fighting games and the Dragon Ball fighting games. These are the titles you pop into your PlayStation when you've got a few friends over, share some laughs and see who can make it to the top of your skill tree in 1v1 combat!

One Piece World Seeker

Teaming up with Supermassive, Bandai Namco is working to bring you another One Piece selection that's coming to you sometime in 2018. I don't know about you, but One Piece has always been one of my favorite animes that have always been easy to lose myself in. Not only do you get just enough silly to keep you laughing and entertained, but the story actually does a wonderful job of teaching you real life lessons without you even realizing. I, for one, am very excited to add this title to my gaming collection.

The Dark Pictures - Anthology

Another horror game to add to your collection of you're another one who loves all things spooky that go bump in the night. The anthology will be a series of games where each will have their own unique story and cast. Think of this as an "American Horror Story" except the game version and they don't have to refilter the same cast over and over again. The first of the series, The Man of Medan, will be coming to us sometime in 2019. The story focuses on a group of divers looking to explore the deep depths of the ocean. Something I'm already terrified of, so I'm more than excited to play this in a game.

SoulCalibur VI

Once more SoulCalibur is coming out with another game for us to sink our teeth into, and we got to see a bit of gameplay at this event. All of the fan favorites are coming back and with a new character named Tira as well! Aside from all this, there are even DLC options to create your own customized character, and that's pretty exciting. I've always loved being able to bring a little of my own flavor to my favorite fighting games. This title is releasing on October 19, 2018, so get ready to start re-learning some combos!

Twin Mirror

This game gives me the feeling it's going to show you the physical embodiment of what a cracked mentality looks like. Either that, or there's something supernatural in the air. You play as a man named Sam, who is back in his hometown to attend the funeral of a childhood friend. But, everything goes south when you rise is the morning with no memories of the night before and a whole lot of questions. Questions like: Why is there so much blood on my clothes? What are these creatures appearing in my vision? Everything you'll have to discover as you play the game by completing puzzles from within his own mind. This title doesn't have an official release date, but we are set to see it sometime during 2019.

Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown

Take on a captivating adventure that's complemented with a heart-wrenching story. This gameplay is set during a Continental War and revolves around a group of pilots just trying to survive. The main character is a prisoner of war who the government has recruited to fight for them. And, of course, he's got the "tough guy" voice. This title is coming to you on Jan. 18, 2019 and will even have an optional PSVR campaign attached to it!

Square Enix

Square Enix has been a popular name you've probably been hearing ever since you were younger. They're responsible for bringing you games like Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, the Fullmetal Alchemist game series, Octopath Traveler and so much more. With a waterfall of so many great titles falling from their belt I am beyond stoked they are making their way to Gamescom this year. If they've got something to announce I'm willing to bet it's gonna be good.

Life is Strange 2

Lose yourself in another Life is Strange with this sequel. This time we'll be following a male lead and his little brother who is just trying to survive in the wild. But, what would cause their life to be in such disarray? Seems like the big brother has more than a few secrets he's keeping. Develop your own feelings on him during gameplay when it releases on Sept. 27, 2018.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is getting some new DLC coming soon. The Amorous Adventures of the Bold Sir Hans Capon is coming to you soon, and it proceeds both Band of Bastards and A Woman's Lot. While we haven't been given much on what this DLC is even going to cover, we do know that it will be here in the early fall. So, regardless I guess we're going to find out soon!


This time Square Enix is going to be working with Nine Dots to bring you Outward, a revolutionary roleplaying game for you to jump into. Not only will this game have a multiplayer option, but you can play on a split screen! The launch date is set for Feb. 12, 2019, and I'm more than excited to check it out. Open world roleplay adventures will always have the keys to my heart. Always.

Pathfinder Kingmaker

Our well-loved Pathfinder Kingmaker is coming to both PlayStation 4 and Xbox sometime next year! This is based on a roleplaying system we've all come to know and love in our tabletop games. Well, now you can play the game in some highly immersive gameplay where you can build a kingdom, find love, kill your enemies and take over the world. Are you ready to bring your fantasy to reality?

Shenmue 3

There have always been a thousand words to describe the Shenmue series, and most of them revolve around "gorgeous," "addicting," and "breathtaking." Trust me, it's all for a reason too. This title was first announced to us during E3 in 2015, and we've been waiting with the highest anticipation ever since. Well, here at Gamescom we've finally been given the details we've been looking for. The next of the series is coming to you on Aug. 27, 2019! So, if you haven't started playing this series yet, you absolutely should.


Ubisoft is another one of those massive gaming companies that have brought you huge titles like Far Cry, Assassin's Creed, For Honor, and more. With them making an appearance at Gamescom I'm rather interested to see what kind of news they might have for us regarding future releases of games or even DLC.

Assassin's Creed Odyssey

After watching the trailer I all but lost my mind for Assassin's Creed Odyssey to finally release, and it's got a release date of October 5th, 2018. We all know they had gameplay available during E3, but I just can't contain my excitement. So, are you ready to take on the adventure in the Mythology years of Greece? Since the Assassin's Creed trilogy revolving around Ezio was my favorite, and I didn't really play the American revolutions, I am excited to see this game take on more mysterious themes (like God and Goddesses) once again. So, be still my beating heart. To me, Ubisoft stole the show.

The Settlers

Partnering with Blue Byte, they are celebrating 25 years of the game Settlers with this wonderful new piece. The History Collection contains all 7 modernized games and will be available Nov. 15, 2018. So get ready to take a walk through history! This may not be the news we were hoping for when it came to massive Gamescom announcements, but we've still go the rest of the week to go so let's see where it takes us!


Capcom is another major game developer that we have all known and love since our childhoods. They've brought you too many amazing games to count, including things like Street Fighter, Resident Evil and even working on other games like Devil May Cry. From phenomenal game content to nostalgia, Capcom has always been good to us.

Devil May Cry 5

Devil May Cry 5 was another game announced at E3 that we're all super stoked to see. But, at Gamescom this year they showed us a glimpse of gameplay footage that looks absolutely stunning. The slow-motion moves of taking out your enemies have me drooling, and I can't wait to play myself. On March 8, 2019 the game will release to the world and we can finally continue on the Devil May Cry adventures!


When you first think of Activision you're taken back to the original release of Crash Bandicoot. That silly narrative voice at the beginning of the game says, "Activision presents!" and then you're full of fond memories from your childhood. But Crash Bandicoot isn't the only legacy that Activision leaves behind on our hearts. They're also responsible for other major games like Call of Duty, Destiny, Spyro, and Skylanders. Now they're making an appearance at Gamescom and I am more than excited for what they have in store for us.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

This title has a wonderful way of reminding me of the Assassin's Creed series when it comes to visuals and the bit of gameplay we've seen. From the trailer you can see above, that debuted at E3, you can see the scaling of buildings as well as the sneak attacks on targets. Although this title is constantly being compared to Dark Souls I truly believe it will have enough of its own twist between story and mechanics that, once we all get to play it, those comments will stop. This game is set to release on March 22, 2019.

And all the others!

Here's the rest of the PlayStation 4 titles that were announced during Gamescom. I've compiled the below list based on developers you may not know a lot about, but that doesn't make them any less than the ones mentioned above. Be sure to check out the titles, and the companies, if any of these games strike your attention!

Call of Cthulhu

We were given a sneak peak of Call of Cthulhu during E3 this past year, and I would be lying if I said I had no intentions of trying this game out. I am a die-hard fan for all things creepy that go bump in the night, and from what I've seen so far this game is going to hit all of my interests. This game is actually based on a tabletop roleplay by Chaosium, which was based on H. P. Lovecraft's same mythology of Cthulhu. Overall I anticipate this story is going to be well thought out and, since it releases on Oct. 30 of this year we won't have to wait that long to get our hands on it.


This title doesn't have an official release date, but we've been promised it will hit the shelves sometime during the fall of 2019. This post-apocalyptic tale will take us through the story of a mutated fox where we can run, drive, or fly the many things roaming around this half-destroyed world. Basically what I'm saying is, sometime next year you're going to be getting an open-world RPG that has animal characters, interesting combat, Steampunk sort of devices in this "reused" world, and quite a bit of drama. Are you excited yet?

Close to the Sun

More horror. Be still my beating heart. Relive your memories of Ghost Ship and place yourself in the 19th century. As a journalist named Rose (okay, maybe some Titanic going on in here), you'll explore the ship and find your sister without the help a gun. That's right, developers Nikola Tesla have announced that your character will be unarmed for the entire game. So, recruit some friends and put that detective brain of yours into motion. You'll be seeing this game sometime around the first quarter of 2019!

The Sinking City

The Sinking City is a game set in the 1920s on the East coast of the United States. A slowly sinking city named Oakmont is the place you, a private investigator, have found yourself in. What are you investigating? Oh, I don't know, maybe an entirely possessed city that is plagued by some sort of over-powered supernatural force. And, who knows? Maybe you're a little infected too. (You totally are.) This game is releasing to the PlayStation on March 21, 2019 and let me tell you how happy my heart is that creepy horror has made such a presence at Gamescom this year.

What are you most excited for when it comes to Gamescom 2018?

What games are you hoping you get an update for? What games do you hope to get announced? So many great titles in March, I'm going to need to prepare my wallet in advance. Tell me all about it in the comment section below, or shoot me a Tweet @OriginalSluggo!

Update August 23, 2018: We've updated this article with all the latest scoops from Bethesda, as well as all the other games section! There were so many games mentioned during Gamescom that you should definitely check out!