Sometimes you need to be a part of a Hangout, and all you have is a phone line

Video and phone conference service UberConference has just released a new Hangouts app that lets anyone call into a hangout from any phone. Hangouts have naturally been limited to just devices that could run the Hangouts applications or use a full web browser, but now with this new tool anyone can dial into a Hangout as if they were dialing a normal conference call. Simply open up the UberConference app in your ongoing Hangout, and folks can call in — you can host up to 100 people on phones at a time, and record everything as you normally would.

This announcement makes a whole lot of sense in conjunction with the new Chromebox for meetings platform, which touted UberConference as one of the providers that brings non-Hangouts devices into conference calls. While this functionality may not be all that useful for the general consumer, enterprises will love the ability to have people call in over a regular phone line in a pinch.

Source: UberConference (PRNewswire)


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New UberConference integration lets you call in to Hangouts from a phone


uuuhhhmm, you don't even need a plugin for this. From within the hangout on a desktop, just click "Invite", and you can type in a phone number instead of a G+ contact. It'll call that person from within the hangout using your Google Voice account. This feature has been around for quite some time now. You can also initiate calls to several people at once this way, too. I've used this to conduct business meetings with people even when their power goes out. Pretty damn awesome!

Agreed. Only advantage to this may be some extra features like the ability to add up to 100 people and for those that refuse to use Hangouts.

Yeah I'm confused as to how this wasn't mentioned in the article as well... I've used this many times in the past, for instance if we're doing a group video hangout but one of our buddies is driving. I can enter their telephone number no problem and it calls them right up. It is cool that 3rd parties are integrating with hangouts, but this is simply a feature that already exists in the native UI.

My post keeps getting marked as spam... but I was commenting to agree with you. Seems like this should be mentioned in the article. I've been calling in phone lines into hangouts for awhile now. It works really well, and they can hear everyone on the video hangout already. Pretty seamless integration.

The difference here is that UberConference lets you call IN to a hangout. You get a unique number that you can give people to call in and join, so you don't have to have someone dialing a ton of people. Above that, you can have up to 100 people call in.

You are entirely missing the point. When you need to host a conference call in a work setting, you don't want to have to call everybody who's supposed to be a part of that conference. You want to give out the number to the conference line so that they can call in.

I seem to be confused, isn't Hangouts a mobile app? And therefore wouldn't such a feature be native?

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The whole chat service formerly called Google Talk is called Hangouts now, including the desktop browser-based aspect of it.

On a slightly different note, however, it is worth mentioning that you folks should celebrate your emancipation of the German language instead of flirting with falling back to it.

And on yet another note, has anyone tried this and actually gotten it to work? I read where you have to enable uberconference from within the Hangouts app, but having surfed the hangouts menus, I see no way to do that. Unless it's buried pretty deeply somewhere.