Motorola Charm

The Motorola Charm's release on T-Mobile appears to be aimed at Aug. 25, according to a doc scored by TmoNews. Though there never has been an officially announced release date, it had been speculated that it would arrive earlier.

In addition, it appears that the phone will launch in two separate colors, Cabernet and Golden-Bronze. While the specs for the Charm do not match up to the Vibrant, it's an intriguing phone because its style is remarkably close to RIM's BlackBerry. BlackBerry users who have been hesitant to switch to Android may find the Charm an easy transition. [TmoNews]


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Motorola Charm eyes release in August


@dgdave - Really? Does one upper-case B get you worked up? Jeeeez...

I believe bLACKbERRY users will still hold on to RIM. Being a former bLACKbERRY user I can say the keyboards are very similar, but if this phone had come out instead of the myTouch (that's what sold me) I don't believe I would have switched to the Charm.

Although, I think this phone will be a good seller to teens/college students.

+1OO for T-Mobile!

So...will this be what Asurion replaces out Nexus Ones with once they break? Ugh...I am so depressed about the N1 being killed in the US...