HTC Incredible S now available at Virgin Mobile Canada

We've been waiting to see when, exactly this would go live on their site and now it has finally. Yes, the HTC Incredible S is now available from Virgin Mobile Canada on-line and in most of their retail outlets. The Android 2.2 rocking HTC Incredible S will set you back $499 with no contract attached to it and if you're looking to get on your Virgin Super Tab it'll ring in at $99.99. Not bad for a new device destined to be upgraded to Android 2.3 in the near future as long as you're not in a specs race. Check out our previous hands-on with the device to get a better look at it. [Virgin Mobile]

There are 5 comments

Andruid says:

I'm jealous

moosc says:

wow really shocking this didn't get released by VZW first

tekhinator says:

if it was only available for virgin usa i would of rushed to get it immediately..

cnega says:

if this ever comes to VM USA...then again I could use a new piano keyboard

Do phones that are released in Canada usually make it to the USA ? does anyone know because i want to switch to virgin but if this is on the way im willing to wait hahah