Pocket Casts

Pocket Casts — one of our favorite podcatchers for Android — has updated with a trending podcasts list. And there are some find selections currently in the top 12 or so, including Mobile Nations' own Connectedly podcast, Review and Debug. And a personal favorite, StarTalk Radio, with some dude named Neil Degrasse Tyson. (Seriously, check it out if you've yet to do so.)

But the Android Central Podcast simply is too far down on that list.

This. Shall. Not. Stand. It's time for a full frontal assault.

Android Central on Pocket Casts

This is the Android Central Podcast. And you should add it on Pocket Casts. Defend the republic. Fight till the death. Do not let this atrocity stand. Only you can prevent forest fires.

(Seriously, though, give the update a try, subscribe to our podcast and be sure to catch us live this Friday.


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Help get the Android Central Podcast to the top of Pocket Casts' new trending section!


I'm already subscribed too. Maybe we should all download the latest podcast several times and grab a bunch of the old ones too. Oh wait. That might be considered cheating

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Best podcast app ever, keeps podcasts, playing positions and everything in sync between my android and iOS devices.

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Shameless! I've subscribed to it for years, or as long as it's been around.

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Am I the only one using PodcastAddict? Schedules downloads, auto adds/deletes podcasts to play list, tons of widgets that launch the app the way you want (go directly to the player, the playlist, podcast lists). And it's frequently updated.

All for the low low cost of free.