Google Maps update

New look, new features for Google's mobile mapping software

At the Google I/O keynote in San Francisco, Google showed a sneak peek at the "next major version" of Google Maps for Android. Visually, it looks a lot like the iPhone Google Maps app, with a big search bar front and center, and re-vamped, smoother graphics. There's also a new Zagat experience built-in, with a new five-point rating scheme. Google Offers are now built into the app too, allowing offers to be saved directly from the Maps app.

The tablet maps UI has been overhauled too, with a UI tweaked to take advantage of the additional screen realestate. And in big news for iOS, there's finally a dedicated iPad app for Google Maps.

The company also showed off a re-vamped version of Google Maps on the web, with WebGL-based vector graphics as standard, and a bigger focus on search, through a large search bar at the top of the screen. There's been a complete UI overhaul too, designed to make features like navigation and public transit directions easier to use. For the first time, Google Earth-like 3D imagery is included in Maps on the web, too.

The new Google Maps experience for Android is due to launch "this summer."

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still1 says:

cant wait to get the update!! weeeh.. lot of announcement

deadlock4400 says:

@Alex Dobie

Thanks for the post.

Yeah Google should done this asap. It's will open a new door in this MAP matter. Excellent act from Google.

Thanks in Advance

Jay Holm says:

What are " WebGL-based vector graphics"??? And what enhancements does it bring?

MrBucket85 says:

Basically, and someone please correct me if I'm wrong, it means more detail with less data exchange - so more detailed maps, faster.

Mikey47 says:

"it looks a lot like the iPhone Google Maps app"

OMG, do NOT say that or you give Apple yet another reason to sue someone!! :P

You moron. Why would apple sue if Google is using there own app design on iOS to android?

Mikey47 says:

Ok, Sheldon, have you ever heard of sarcasm? I guess not. You're 0 for 1. Try again.

When will the app release?

Blackhawk4 says:

Sometime this summer....You might want to read the article next time.

cadjak says:

When you let someone do something for you, you give them the opportunity to do something TO you. I don't like all the permissions that Google requires for their apps. No one seems to care about trading personal privacy and security for using Google's addmitedly cool Apps.

Mikey47 says:

Never owned an iPhone, do they even tell you permissions for apps?

stig1233 says: