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Videos will play on mute by default, advertisements coming 'in the future'

Taking cues from Vine and Instagram (which it owns), Facebook has begun testing a new feature in its mobile apps that will let some videos automatically play as you scroll past them in the News Feed. The feature works exactly how it does in Vine and Instagram, where any video that has been uploaded will show a thumbnail image in your News Feed, and if you stop scrolling past the video it will begin to buffer and play. As soon as you scroll away, the video stops playing.

Videos are muted by default, but sound will play if you tap the video to view it full screen, where you'll also have controls to play, pause and scrub to different portions of the video. Facebook says that the ability to have auto-playing videos will be limited to individuals, verified pages and musician or band verified pages at the moment. As for the future possibility of advertisers having automatically playing videos, Facebook says it will explore the possibility "in the future."

We're seeing videos start to automatically play in our own News Feed, but Facebook says that auto-play is rolling out slowly to a limited number of users right now.

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Facebook testing auto-play videos in the News Feed for some mobile users


+1000... They should have a feature in the settings to be able to disable this!

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Just another reason for the world to move to Google Plus

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lol there is no law that says you have to stay with one social network. Myspace started to suck, so people moved on to Facebook.

I'm on T-Mobile, and have unlimited data, so I can ACTUALLY USE my smartphone!

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And tmobile or Sprint is not an option to a lot of people.

For me Sprint is but I am a lucky one

This RIGHT here is definitive proof that fanboys will use ANY and I mean ANY means necessary to validate their choice in just about anything. This coming from a current Sprint customer and soon to be T-mobile customer.

Just to recap, you're validating auto playing movies as some kind of bonus. So much facepalm, it's still early in the day but I'm quite positive that this will be one of the dumber arguments I'll see today. Not just from you, mind you, but from all the rabid fanboys online today.

I have unlimited data here, but the fact is that the majority of people don't. And for them, this really sucks. Browsing facebook goes from something that doesn't consume hardly any data to something (probably) on par with at least a music streaming service, if not more than that.

Facebook is going further and further down a bad road in terms of how they treat their customers and the experience that they provide, and I wish everyone would just use one of the other, arguably better services. (lookin at you Google +)

Videos should never ever ever ever auto-play. It's a waste of resources, it's rude, and stupid. Just because "they" do it, doesn't mean it's acceptable, wanted, or or appropriate.

Crazy to me that they don't make this a very setting. Some will love this and some will hate it, so let each user choose.

But what the hell am I thinking, this is an app that won't even let me at my News Feed to be "Most Recent" instead of the stupid "Top Stories".

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I'm on their beta testing and videos are playing by them selves in the app. Didn't know what was going on at first. As of now it's neat, but it'll suck big time if the ads do that.

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Do know how others feel, but I just won't do this. It's pushing the limit. Was already on the fence about Facebook anyway, this would self limit my FB activities to just the messaging app if they keep that. Otherwise, no dice. FB is getting to be more and more simply a waste of time.

For some stuff that will help but for ads, which are more annoying, the only thing you can block is the App itself.

Which honestly I will do if this isn't a setting

I hate auto play...my phone just starts blaring when i scroll through my Instagram...NEWSFLASH:some things on Facebook are inappropriate

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The audio (for Facebook) is muted by default, unless you click on it and actually open it.

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Perhaps like Instagram they will put a setting in to prevent videos from starting automatically.

I hate auto play. Even on my desktop. Phonedog started doing auto play for YouTube clips on their site. Very annoying.

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I'll bring the pitchforks if you bring the torches. Who's with me? Auto play is the one of the worst ideas implemented online or elsewhere.

As soon as I read this article, I backed up the APK of the current Facebook install. When they start pushing out this crap, I'm disassociating Facebook from the Play Store using Titanium Backup, and hopefully that will stop it from pestering me to update. If that doesn't work, I'll either consider an alternative app, or just use the site thru Firefox where I can control content like Ads and whatnot. Way to further piss off your fans once again Facebook.

Would be nice if they fixed the crap that DOESN'T work first.. or bring back features we used to have but they took away in favor of features we DON'T need!

I also hope everyone realizes this is step one. Make it seem like this is a good thing and only your friends' videos and such. Give it a month or two and instead of having picture ads put into your news feed, you will have video ads put into the feed that just start playing on there own. Facebook...now with commercials.

Honestly, you'd think a billion dollar company like Facebook would be able to make a functioning decent app, but instead have the time to add useless features, absolute joke.

Doesn't seem to even work on a galaxy note 2. Works on my HTC one though.

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I see no option to turn this off. Its a load of shit. This is forcing people to use extra data. If I want to watch some stupid video then I'll click it and choose to use my own data.

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I have the iPhone 5 and upgraded to the iOS 7
I'm getting those automatic videos and I think
It's annoying, and none of my other friends
With iPhones are getting the automatic
Videos so why am I so stupid.