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Following the update for iOS developers a few weeks ago, Facebook has completely revamped the Android SDK, it said.

The new changes, touted as the “biggest overhaul” yet, are aimed at making it easier and faster to develop Android apps which plug into Facebook.

The company is also trying to make third-party user interfaces more consistent. New native UI controls pack built-in caching in order to make the whole experience faster. Developers will get the ability to integrate friend tagging and calling up nearby places.

It looks like new login controls to manage authentication are meant to help apps call up your Facebook identities and hold onto them, without having you authenticate too often—or more than once, conceivably. (This could be the start of a number of embarrassing gaffes, so watch your logins, people.)

On the backend, Facebook API calls can be done in batches now, which helps make everything faster. And with the emphasis on smartphones coming onto Facebook, it makes sense that developers now get a way to measure clicks and installs for mobile ads. So it seems the SDK has come along way since the first version was released way back in 2010.

Interested developers can get all the details here, or download the SDK here.

Source: Facebook Developer Blog

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JosiahCM says:

So does this have anything to do with the updated native app coming out anytime soon?

matthwo8 says:

Really looking forward to that native app! Bring it already!

Red326 says:

Sounds like growing pains all over again.

bdmridgback says:

Installed on both my phones, seems to be working fine, quicker too!

twinsfan1313 says:

how did you put this on phones?

Downbond says:

Just download the sdk file, extract it, look in the bin folder and you will see the Facebook app version 1.9.9.

Just click on it and install it.

secano says:


twinsfan1313 says:


mkstvns says:

As far as I can tell, 1.9.9 isn't strictly new - although it's newer than the version I'm running on my Galaxy Nexus; 1.9.1.

Facebook's Play page does say though that the version varies depending on device.

But yeah, looks like 1.9.9 has been out for a few months.