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Previously hidden, stickers are now accessible using an actual button

Sending stickers in Facebook Messenger was possible before today's update, but only using an invisible button that was located just to the left of the "+" button. It looks like Facebook is finally ready to reveal this feature, and has added a smiley face button to access the sticker screen. Multiple pages of smiley face and critter stickers are included in the app, with an optional sticker store that has even more cute critters you can download. Also listed in the change log is a batch of bug fixes, which is always good to see.

This version is available now in the Play Store for all your adorable smiley and critter needs.


Reader comments

Facebook Messenger gets official sticker support


I am not seeing feature, nor can i access it on the left side either. Rather strange considering I got the update.

I've found this happens alot with facebook's updates. They say what they've added in the What's New, but I can never see the new features til a couple of updates later (that have the same What's New as a couple updates prior).

I don't see it either. Do you guys happen to have nexus 4? I'm wondering if that is the common denominator here...

I hope I can explain this well enough for everyone

1.You have to use the pop up head
2.Open the chat
3.press and hold right next to the "+" this is next "write a message"
do not press the "+", press and hold the open space to the left of the "+"

*the keyboard must be out and once you release your finger it comes out

Hope this helps

I can do the hidden button method. But the actual smiley button isn't there for me. Weird... as the picture on this blog post clearly shows the smiley button.

UPDATE: Apparently it's region specific. Probably a bug. Hopefully.

It's there, but when I type a message and then use the sticker it wipes out the message. I wish that had been made clear ahead of time.

I have a Note 2, international... It's a regional thing, guys... :(

I SOMETIMES can activate the 'hidden' method, but it's not consistent and I'm not seeing the smiley icon, either.

Is anyone else having trouble getting hold of the new Skullington sticker pack that was released on May 4th? Some of my friends on the same Android platform and same app versions as me, have already got it and are using it fine, but its not showing up in my facebook sticker store anywhere so I cant download it. Is there a way to force the sticker store to refresh and show it? I've tried all the usual things; forcing the app to close then reopening (both fb and messenger), restarting the device, uninstalling then reinstalling the apps, nothing has worked. Anyone have any ideas?
Thanks :-)