The live stream for the Facebook Home event has wrapped up, but the replay is available for those of you that want to really know the ins and outs, but missed the show the first time around. The short version is, Facebook is making a launcher that has a bunch of in-depth customizations for notifications, news feed, and chat. It's not a whole new operating system, but it does promise to be a unique experience - at least for those of us that spend a lot of time on Facebook. 

So, notice anything especially interesting from the live event that hasn't really been highlighted yet?


Reader comments

Facebook Home event replay now available


"more and more" I think Mark is a poor presentation giver.

Outside of the fact that I have 100s of "friends" on Facebook, I really only "care" about a small portion. If I have to teach this app who those people are, then I see this interface as more work than benefit.

It's different... not sure my central actions are based around people, so not sure this works for me.

First mistake, exclusivity...seems interesting though.. I only get on facebook about once a day so it may not be made for me..