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A pretty hefty update to the beta track for the Facebook app has landed, bringing with it a number of bugfixes and the ubiquitous "better battery life" line.

Here's the full changelog:

  • Improved battery usage and efficiency
  • App can now be opened in landscape
  • Album covers always displayed instead of the photo you tapped to view
  • Crash when uploading multiple photos
  • Crash after deselecting a photo from the photos composer
  • Caching bug on Timeline (so it should load faster for some users now)
  • Infinite spinner on 'Nearby Places' category selector
  • Album names won't flicker in composer view
  • Resized some stickers that were previously too big
  • Music controller notifications now responsive after dismissing in cover feed
  • High-resolution artwork now loads in music controller
  • Various crashes occurring in Home

Facebook also notes a known issue in which the "most recent" setting won't stick in the news feed.

If you're not on the beta track for Facebook, you can join here.

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dcjose48 says:

First lol

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neonworm says:

Can we please stop with these comments.

drokssilva says:

You mean HTC first right?

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Nucleotide says:

Fucking retard! Please piss off.

zondajag says:

All these enhancements and they still haven't fixed Facebook contact phonebook integration.

poglad says:

There's nothing to fix. Google and Facebook fell out, so it got disabled deliberately. HaxSync works well, until they make up!

Scotty Doo says:

Stop it

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First at this maybe, but never at life if you feel this is what you have to do. So sad...

moosc says:

Third geek

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rafaelluik says:

Do they have any schedule of when it's going to be promoted for the "final stream"?

mohawk apple says:

hopefully not anytime soon!

Love Divine says:


Also, IMPROVED BATTERY EFFICIENCY finally. Let's see if it lives up to it. Anybody with the FB app, monitor it with a wakelock app for a while. You'll be surprised, to say the least.

poglad says:

Well... I use BetterBatteryStats, and I rarely see any mention of Facebook in the list. How have you got it set up?

I suspect the improved battery efficiency is simply that they've switched to using Google's new location API lol.

Just joined beta but how can I tell if I'm actually running it or not

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mohawk apple says:

Go in the app on about and see if its 6.3

Thank you
Just checked and I'm on 3.6
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Visual360 says:

I'm in the same situation. Followed the instructions, but I'm still showing 3.6.

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I checked the Facebook group they are only on 3.6 for beta

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Visual360 says:

Dyslexia must've kicked in.

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mohawk apple says:

So what version is the none beta version at now? Thanks

poglad says:

6.3 lol

M3wThr33 says:

"Most Recent" has NEVER stuck on Facebook. They purposely have always designed the timeline to conveniently accidentally go back to their own sorting algorithm in every iteration of the FB timeline.

Perhaps on mobile...on the full web version it stays put just fine. Either way, it's kinda annoying. Not saying "OMG IT MAKES THE APP UNUSABLE WTF!!11!!!" like some of the comments you see in the beta discussions, as it takes literally about 2 seconds to change, but after a while it does get annoying having to change it for the million and first time haha.

jspiers1984 says:

Are they ever going to fix that fact that the app perpetually forgets that I want to see 'Most Recent' 100% of the time? I hate going into it and having to toggle it from 'Top Stories'... I don't have this problem when I view the mobile site in a browser, it actually remembers my settings from cookies... derp facebook devs are derp...

XavierMatt says:

It still looks horrible.

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dEris says:

No it doesn't. You must like flashy apps with glossy gradients with inconsistent UI elements. Facebook app is smooth and slick.

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-IRON- says:

Why do they need to fix battery when anyone who is updated in the last couple months has given them permission to modify battery stats. Have not updated since they added that. If you have updated you have no idea how much battery facebook is using. Along with permission to kill other apps.

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BB_Bmore says:

That's Zuucked up!

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Farran says:

Can't actually find either of those listed in the permissions list under Facebook's App Info. Where did you find that?

Cubfan says:

So how about a tablet version? Sheesh.

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Sarrod says:


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rits2011 says:

Coming soon.. in 2017. Maybe.

Mike Watling says:

+1 Though landscape mode is a good sign of coming tablet support

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jon_ks says:

Realizing how smart it was to delete that Beta invitation yesterday.

jeffreytz says:

Music controller? Is that if you're running Home or something?

Ryan Oneill says:

I'm just glad the multiple photo upload crash is fixed was a pain.

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