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Relax, they aren't forking Android

Today Facebook announced a whole suite of new social apps for Android that will help with staying up to date with status updates, messaging, and everything else Facebook has to offer. Don't worry, Home isn't a new operating system, or their own phone. Everything will be downloadable from Google Play. New updates with fresh features will come every month. It will be available for download on April 12 for a few select devices (Galaxy S3, Galaxy S4, HTC One X+, and Galaxy Note 2), and the newly announced HTC First

The main idea here is that instead of apps on your home screen, it's people. There's a new way of viewing the news feed called Cover Feed which quietly flips through the visual stories coming through Facebook - this is basically your new lock screen. Everything is very finger friendly, with swipes employed to flip between stories, and double-taps to like them. The various apps can become the default apps for SMS, camera, and many other system tasks. Incoming notifications show up over your contacts, and can be dismissed with a swipe. 

Chat Heads are little icons that float at the top of the screen that let users quickly pop in and out of conversations, no matter where they are - they even persist when navigating through other apps, so you can reference something while still being able to send relevant information over to friends.

Get the full low-down from our liveblog! More information can be found in Facebook's news post

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Facebook announces Home - a group of social Android apps


I can see people getting this phone! Especially if the price is right. As for the software itself, its not for me, but again, I know many people who live on Facebook. This may be what they would go for...

Yes and no. HTC is about to announce a phone pre-bundled with Home as the custom launcher. Otherwise, it is just another custom launcher you can download off of Google Play. HTC First is completely worthless.

agreed, while it isn't for me, i know a handful of people that would use something like this. its well put together, good looking, functional ect.
again, not for me, but i am fairly impressed with the implementation.

Great... more disconnected threads of data requests driving up your mobile data utilization. I bet the big carriers just love this. More garbage on their network and more chances to push you to a higher tier price plan. More junk that I don't want. Thanks for the fish.

My friends heads will be popping up on my home screen? I would assume that they would pull the pic from your profile pic which means I will have a couple of pot leaves, a toilet, a bunch of those red equal sign pics, and at least one pile of dog poo. *sigh* I hate my friends. Still, I'll give it a whirl when it drops.

" It will be available for download on April 12 for a few select devices (Galaxy S3, Galaxy S4, HTC One X+, and Galaxy Note 2). "

wait... no pure Android love? what about the Nexus family???

My guess is they know we'll be on a new version of the OS in about a months time, so why bother as it won't be supported?

I am fairly confident this will be available for the Nexus family but of course Google would not allow them to advertise Nexus (Facebook and Google+ are competitors and Nexus = pure Google) or they felt that average joe consumer does not know about the Nexus or care about it as much as Samsung Galaxy/ Samsung Note, HTC One series). FAIRLY confident that in addition to developing Facebook Home (a glorified custom launcher) they used Nexus devices to develop it in addition to a Galaxy S III.

I think you've got it backwards. Google isn't afraid of anyone selling another Android product. It's Facebook that wants to get at Google's data.

The fact that it is limited to so few phones will kill the momentum. you want to make it widely available yet you shoot so low of a target... I was really excited about the features but once they showed the company and phones it would be on....LAME! Sorry but I wont buy a phone just because its going to have "facebook home" on it. Someone please tell AT&T to sit down on bragging about their network...Its fast because its so limited....When Verizon first put out their network and it was limited it was super fast too.

Lol. So "few" phones. 50 million SGSIII sold worldwide in 2012. 5 million Note 2's in the U.S. alone. Facebook Home will hit probably 90% of the premium Android handsets sold this year.

God bless the Nexus line and its progeny, but they are few in number. Although I think Google's turned a corner with the Nexus 4, I wouldn't be surprised if AT&T sells more HTC Firsts this year than Google does of the Nexus 5.

I don't know why, but I think this looks really cool. And I'm not even a facebook fan, I use it sparingly (I wish more of my friends & family would use G+). But this launcher looks really neat. I'm also not one from changing launchers either, I usually stick with the standard trebuchet / stock aosp launcher.

I guess the motto is true that there is a sucker born every minute and if you put it out there people will buy it. I don't need to be staring at my friends all day and night because I'm with my friends. I don't need their headless body floating on my screen and Facebook ads popping in when they want because you know that's where its going. About making money.

Useless Android, doesn't seem to have widgets, home screens,folders or 4.2. HTC can't even get their own flagship out and yet they can get this HTC One out by next week? HTC fail in my book.

Here's a privacy killing free app launcher that will rape your data for all of it's value and push advertisements with no additional cost savings or benefit. Oh and I get the stupid like spam, the retarded sayings and the dumb memes. Gee where do I sign up, I want t his now. Why don't you go pound sand up your ass Facebook.

Any word on what kind of future Facebook sees for the standalone Android Facebook app?

I'm a casual Facebook user and it's somewhat important to me but under no circumstances do I ever intend to have this bloated "facebook home" running on my device. Therefore, I'm hoping the standalone app will exist and be supported/improved into the future.

The phone and Apps will help the Android eco system but will it help Facebook?

I read a poll( somewhere ) that more and more of todays teens think Facebook is out of touch, on it's way to dead do todays announcements even matter for the long term? Not sure.

They couldn't even get a "simple" app right. What makes them think a full fledged launcher/lock screen thing will work? I can already hear my battery draining, the force closes, the perpetual loading, and data sucking.

All joking aside, I really want to be pleasantly surprised. We'll see.

for avid facebook users (teens mostly) this will be a game changer much like BB Messenger was a few years ago. Apple won't be liking this one bit!

This is old news -- Windows Phone has been doing this for years, only it's not limited to Facebook, but also works with Twitter and LinkedIn.

I don't even want anything Facebook taking up space on my phone. On the rare occasions that I won't to check Facebook, I will check on my PC. I definitely do not want this phone, or this launcher.

I also don't want Twitter aps on my phone. And I'm sure I can list a lot of other stuff.

By the way, did AC really have to do a dozen articles on this one topic? Come on guys, get off your knees.