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Magnetic clip on lenses aren't new. They've been around for a while, often marketed as an accessory for the iPhone. Our buddies over at Windows Phone Central started playing around with some on the new Nokia Lumia 920, but we couldn't sit back and let them have all the fun, could we? 

A quick trip to eBay later and a pair of clip on lenses were on their way. They're a pretty inexpensive accessory, the 2 that I ordered cost me around £10 ($16) for the pair. As with real camera lenses, there seems to be plenty of choice out there over what to get, but I went with a Fisheye and a Wide Angle. I'm planning a week of goofing around with these and my LG Nexus 4, so part 2 of the post will drop next week. This week, a look at the lenses themselves. Next week, the results. Let's take a look.

There's not a lot to them. The lenses attach to the back of the device by way of a magnetic sticker. Stick this around your camera lens, and the lenses then have their mount to attach to. The level of success will depend on the device you have. The camera on the back of the Galaxy Nexus for example due to its shape wasn't the most receptive. The flat back of the Nexus 4 is ideal, though the glass did prove tough to get a proper adhesion to. 

As you'll just about see in the video, there is a noticeable effect with them clipped on. Said effects aren't for everyone, but they're interesting to say the least. And remember, we're not talking serious photography here. At the end of the day it's still a smartphone camera, but we can still have a little fun with it. 

So, I'm going to spend a week with them, and see what kind of shots I can take. Since I'm in the UK, it's dark and rainy most of the time at the minute, so taking pictures isn't the easiest. But, next week, I'll be back, and I'll bring some snaps along with me.