Don't care

Matt Gemmell, iOS developer and author on Apple-centric sites and publications such as MacFormat and Tap!, has written a post on his blog about how "Android was designed for piracy from the ground up". He mentions sideloading as a conduit for thievery, and has all sorts of bad things to say about Android's "open mentality". 

Here's where we could mention things like sandboxing, and Android's Application Licensing system that checks for a valid license every time you open an app, but why bother? It's his job to say everything Apple is better than everything else. It's also his right, and I don't want to think about a place where someone else can decide what I should hear or see -- or install on my phone.

In short, AC, like the Honey Badger, don't care. Carry on Mr. Gemmell.

Source: Matt Gemmell; via The Verge