Gamescom is always a big event for the gaming industry and 2019 was no exception. We have seen some amazing games coming to multiple platforms and a whole wave of cross-play games as well. This year Virtual Reality had a great showing and the PlayStation VR was showcased with some excellent titles.

Of course, not all of the games look quite as good as others, but we have the full list of games here.

Everything you need

PlayStation VR Blood and Truth bundle

The right stuff

This bundle contains everything you need to get started with PSVR. It even has two excellent games thrown in for good measure.

Witching Tower

This is the first I have seen of this game and I'm intrigued. The gameplay looks reminiscent of the Wizards: Enhanced Edition with the weapons and spells cast from your hands. Witching Tower looks to have a strong story, as well as puzzles to keep us engaged.

For a first look, the trailer gives a good taste off what the game is about, all dark and brooding, with the undead all around. There is no sign of a release date for Witching Tower, but we will keep you updated with news when we can.

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Demon Pit

Demon Pit does not look good. There I said it. One commentator said "This is like dollar store Doom Eternal" and I have to agree. It's like the burgers your mum made you that she promised were "as good as McDonald's." It isn't though; Demon Pit will never be as good as a McDonald's burger.

I think I may have mixed up the metaphor but still, probably don't buy this one even when we do get a release date. Doom VFR exists, and it's pretty darn great, so just play that instead.


Another awesome looking game from the team over at Survios, Battlewake is an intense VR experience featuring pirate ship battles, sea monsters, and explosive action. We've been excited about this game for months now and to see that the release date is on September 10th is great news. Not long until we can battle each other in ship-to-ship combat.

The game itself seems reminiscent of Sea of Thieves — especially the new arena mode — but the VR aspect really changes the whole perspective of the game. This is going to be one to watch out for I'm sure.

Groundhog Day: Like Father Like Son

I am a huge fan of the original Groundhog Day and this trailer had me wanting to play from the get-go. You play the Phil Connors' son, and you, too, are stuck in the same day, on repeat, and you have to find a way out of it. The game itself features characters from the original movie, though from what I can tell, not the actor's voices.

Groundhog Day: Like Father Like Son is due for release on September 17th and is one of the few games on this list that is already available to preorder at the PlayStation Store.


We have been waiting for Golem for almost five years now, and finally, the wait is almost over. Coming "this fall," Golem is a heavily story-driven adventure where you play as a young child, injured, but capable of piloting huge stone Golems around the landscape. It's a bit meta, but you are virtually controlling a player who is virtually controlling a golem. Weird, but cool.

The game will have plenty of puzzles and, hopefully, giant monster combat, and after five years of teasing and development, I'm sure we will see something very special this Fall when Golem hits the shelves.

What do you think?

So far, this is everything new for the PlayStation VR announced on or around Gamescom. What do you all think of the line-up? Does anything stand out to you as a must-have? I know I am dying to get hold of Battlewake and that Groundhog Day game looks like a lot of fun. Let us know in the comments what you are looking forward to.

Everything you need

PlayStation VR Blood and Truth bundle

The right stuff

This bundle contains everything you need to get started with PSVR. It even has two excellent games thrown in for good measure.

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