Samsung Galaxy S5

Largely all is well, until you enter ultra power saving mode

Here's a quick word of caution to anyone sideloading the Google Now Launcher onto their new Samsung Galaxy S5. Largely Google's own KitKat launcher works faultlessly on Samsung's latest Android handset. It's smooth, it's snappy, and it's a great option even if the Galaxy S5 isn't officially supported. But you do run into some issues when you switch in and out of ultra power saving mode.

For whatever reason, when we've gone into the ultra power saving mode on the Galaxy S5, coming back out of it has removed all customizations we've made to the launcher. All that has been left is the Phone app and a Google folder containing three app shortcuts. So if ultra power saving is something you're going to be using a lot, take note. And remember that the Google Now Launcher isn't officially supposed to be on the Galaxy S5 right now.

That said, everything else seems to be working just fine. If you've already sideloaded it and have noticed any other quirks, be sure to drop them into the comments below.

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Nexus 5 FTW.

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A2theC says:

This type of post is just as annoying as the typical "First" comments. If you don't have a (insert topic phone) then don't leave negative feedback pointing out (insert preference) is better, common etiquette.

wickedcontra says:

how old are you??..?

movielover76 says:

I love my Nexus 5 but I have to agree with the other commentors
This adds nothing to the discussion, and it's not really anyone's fault
Samsung or Google as this launcher isn't supported on the S5, it can only be side loaded.

Chris X1 says:

Jordan, top of the key, over Ehlo, FOR THE WIN!

Euclid88 says:

Enjoy your featureless software!

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Enjoy that Nexus 5 with 0 features.

Westtigerman says:

he is right nexus 5 has got nothing on Galaxy s5

21plays says:

Ignore the first comment.
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Phd210 says:


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Well... There's always Nova Launcher? :D

But...but...GOOGLE ;-)

movielover76 says:

While the Google now launcher is good, and I used it for quite awhile.
Since I don't really use google now, I prefer the customization abilities of Nova

BRENDO702 says:


Posted from my Galaxy Note 3, LG G2 or Nexus 7? You'll never know!

Yeah I noticed that the other day. Touchwiz is pretty decent so I don't have the need for Google now launcher

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Junior chuxx says:

I'm running the TFS Shell Launcher on my s5, it runs so beautifully

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Ben Lutgens says:

Wow, 12 dollars for a launcher? That's HI-LARRY-OUS!

BoB16731 says:

12 $ roflmao

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MarkSeven says:

I like turtles.. *shrug*

I'm running the stock launcher on my G2. I don't have an S5, but I felt compelled to make some sort of comment anyway.

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eahinrichsen says:

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TenshiNo says:


pedopoker says:


Wicell says:

I read your comment. Continuation FTW.

tastisnax says:

Confirming that your comment has been read, and commented on.
Comments FTW.

Walkop says:

Gotta keep continuity.

I like words like continuity. Words are good. Especially words like "oatmeal" and "useless information".

warpdrive says:

I wonder why nobody started to call the speed of TouchWiz, oatmeal yet?

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tmiller679 says:


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sprint4lyfe says:

I'm eating oatmeal right now. Brown sugar & maple.

High Fiber FTW!

Kolten Nay says:

I ate oatmeal while operating my Touchwiz s4

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note3owner says:

Oatmeal is sooooo bland......

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It is. And then you have to add sweatners to it to make it taste good and then it becomes bad for you. Oatmeal is a joke.

movielover76 says:

I'm eating Kashi cereal while typing on my work laptop
Kashi FTW.

Notajediyet says:

This just in: android 4.5 to be called Maple Oatmeal

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What a nice community we have confirming that we have commented on other peoples comments. I bet other forums don't have this

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pedopoker says:


Ben Lutgens says:

I don't really see the attraction to GEL. It's rudimentary at best, folder management is non-existent, folder size is limited, and the icons look HUGE with no way to scale them down. Seriously the ONLY advantage being that it will respond to "O.k. google" commands from the launcher.

I'm curious why Nova and Apex launchers don't yet have support for that in their persistent search bar.

laurencewo says:

I love the bigger icons! Before there was so much empty space, looks much better now I think...

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movielover76 says:

Just a note, you can increase the icon size to 130% with Nova Launcher.
Accomplishes the same effect while keeping the customization abilities of Nova.
I really like the new icon size too, but Google Now was a little to limiting for my tastes
I like customization :)

Joel E says:

Not to mention that TouchWiz responds to 'ok Google' on the home screen too on the s5.

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I'm curious why people keep saying GEL

My M8 posted this

tastisnax says:

It used to be called Google Experience Launcher.

"used to"

My M8 posted this

Kvoth says:

Some of us use Google Now a lot, and it loads much faster swiping right on GNL than the traditional app. Some of us use our phones out of necessity, and simplicity and efficiency take precedence over copious amounts of customisation.

And others of us use Xposed GEL settings to get the best of both worlds.

ejraney says:

Some of us like and enjoy GEL, the larger icons look great on my N10. I do however switch back and forth between this and Nova Launcher.

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21plays says:


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vgergo says:

You can do a lot of things to GEL using XGELS if you are rooted

pedopoker says:

I love how Google Now get transparent bars when I use GNL as my default launcher. When you switch, they become black. Nit-picking level is over the calculating limit.

rfmike says:

Does anyone know where i can SAFELY get & Sideload the Google Now Launcher???

randyw says:

You can get the APK's for it over at XDA. They should work on most Android devices. Worked fine on my HTC One M7 and M8.

neonworm says:

XDA is a reliable source.

Omar Diaz says:

I have no complaints about the new TouchWiz on my GS5..I think its fantastic and it really has improved over the GS4 & Note 3.

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Joe Tischer says:

I do like the Google Now Launcher on my Nexus 5, but can't go wrong with Nova... The ability to hide apps (Without needing to Root and install Xposed comes in handy.. Plus the icons :) Unlimited possibilities

Mully60 says:

Does the clock widget pictured in the image above come standard on the S5? or can it be downloaded?

Haris Ayub says:

It can be downloaded it's called dash clock

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Mully60 says:


mgfjd12 says:

Use it back to tw

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bigdaddytee says:

I'm shocked, not one peep from the #oatmealknights .

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sparker781 says:

I have the default launcher on my S4. is there any others that are good? I tried Windows 8 launcher which was terrible. i then tried ios 7 launcher was mediocre at best. looking for some good ideas her

Haris Ayub says:


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sparker781 says:

should i get the nova or nova premium?

Mobius360 says:

You have to install the free version. Prime is an add-on.

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TenshiNo says:

The free version (Nova) is fully functional. There are extra customization settings you get with the premium key. Download the free version and check it out. Nova is one of the best launchers out there.

Personally, I use Action Launcher now on my phone, just because I'm hooked on the slide-out app drawer, but I ran Nova on all my devices for years. Still run Nova on my tablet.

Mobius360 says:

Nova, action, apex, go are Prob a good start.

Posted via G2 + Nova

TenshiNo says:

Agreed. Played with Go Launcher for a while, but it seemed extra heavy on system resources for some reason. Personal favorites are Nova and Action Launcher.

Another reason to hate Samsung?

TenshiNo says:

Did you forget the /s (sarcasm) switch? Why would you hate Samsung because Google's launcher doesn't work properly on a device that they have told you that it probably doesn't work properly on?

androidatic says:

Is there another benefit with the Google Now Launcher aside from swiping left to bring up Google Now? I tried it on my S3 and the speed of getting to Google Now was only marginally faster. I never bothered putting it on my S4 because it offered ME no benefit.

Chris X1 says:

Just a cleaner interface, and stock Android experience.

Of course, that may or may not appeal to you.

Chris X1 says:

We're reached a point where manufacturer skins are getting cleaner and looking more sophisticated. However, they are still sticking to the old mantra in telecom that different is better because its different. I don't mind Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony, etc., having a unique take on Android. But, changing things simply for the sake of changing things is rarely a positive. It reminds me of boards of non-profits who are insistent on "leaving their mark", even if it is some shit idea.

I'd love to see Android and their OEMs get to a point where there is a choice of themes to download. If I buy a Samsung GS5, I can choose between the Touchwiz theme or the stock Android theme. If I want the Google keyboard, Google camera, Google Calendar, Google dialer, Google Now launcher, I can just install it as a pack and get rid of the Touchwiz equivalents. I'd even love to see the ability to convert to stock Android notifications bar icons and settings menu.

Make all of that a one stop download and install, and give the mass user (non-Android Central, non-tech-inclined) to make the switch easily.

TenshiNo says:

I see this a lot, both here and in forums, but there's more to it than people seem to realize. "TouchWiz" is more than *just* a launcher. The name covers all the changes that Samsung makes "beneath the hood" to Android as well. A lot of those changes are going to require special "hooks" that don't exist in the stock Android Launcher of other apps. Sometimes, replacing the launcher, or keyboard, or whatever has more to do with just making it "look" different (although I'm sure there is some attempt at branding going on, too).

I have to give Google/Samsung/HTC credit for acknowledging that some people want this by coming out with the Google Experience phones. I don't think we will ever get to a point where it's just some switch you can turn on and off. Too much underlying code is changed for it to be that simple.

Enverdaz says:

Action Launcher Pro

Posted via Android Central App on my Samsung Galaxy Express i437p on AT&T's 4G LTE Network

Isn't side loading apps that don't belong to the phone anyway an unsupported process? So why is android central warning users who have side loaded it how to use it more effectively even though its not designed for the phone and if you want that feature then you'll have to move to a Google play device? I hate it when people bundle phone features together and complain how they don't work with everything on the phone..... Its not designed too, get over it

Posted via Stock Nexus 4*

movielover76 says:

Who cares if it's a unsupported process, it's just a warning because a lot of android central users side load the Google Now Launcher.
Loading APK's on devices that don't natively support the device is of course unsupported, but lot's of users here do unsupported things with their android devices, seems silly not to mention it, there is no blame in this article.
Side loading APK's is the least of the unsupported activities that a lot of android central readers do lol.

TenshiNo says:


"Side loading APK's is the least of the unsupported activities that a lot of android central readers do lol."
+5 lol

Warrenisit says:

Unsupported.... Lmao... Don't you AC editors dare mention rooting! It's unsupported!!!

Allen Brown2 says:

I'd like to hear more input of the usage and any issues seen on the ultimate power saving mode. It's the one feature I'm greatly interested in that gets omitted or glossed over in most reviews. It's because of the built in delay of enabling and disabling this feature that I've almost decided to purchase the M8 over the S5. I'd like to hear more about its usage and limitation, or other possible issues. The HTC extreme power saving mode is straightforward and works near instantly. I know this feature allows additional apps and even browser connectivity. However, the information is still very limited on this feature.

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teachernz says:

Depending on which launcher you use (touchwiz or GEL) the widgets available are also different...

meyerweb says:

Not sure why I'd want to run the Google Now launcher, on an S5 or anything else. I used it on my rooted S3 for a while, and went back to Nova Prime. It's far better in pretty much every respect.

Nemesis-X says:

Those of you that like Oatmeal, you should try Oatmeal and real Maple Syrup, yummm.

eli_ao5 says:

How do I remove it?

remfpage says:

side loaded to my S5. enable ultra power saving mode. works well, disable it and back to Google now launcher notice that the shortcuts and some page are gone.

fbibiz says:

I tried google launcher on my Galaxy S5 and it screwed up my home screen and all the rest. I can' t get them back to the way they were unless I start over from scratch.