Note 3

Update to version SM-N900V brings bug fixes and enhancements, as well as new pre-installed applications

Details of the upcoming update for Verizon's Galaxy Note 3 have been posted. This happens when the update has been approved, and a general rollout to devices usually follows soon after. We expect this one to play out the same way.

The update is chock full of software fixes, including resolving the Bluetooth audio and email sync issues, as well as bringing improvements to sound quality and connectivity. In addition, Verizon has included some new applications for your pleasure. Hit the break for your full list.

Source: Verizon

The following apps are pre-loaded:

  • MyInfoZone widget
  • VMware
  • Verizon Support & Protection (VSP) version 2.0.0
  • Verizon Cloud

The following issues have been resolved:

  • Incoming call displays Picture Me on
  • screen when using Call Waiting
  • Handwriting data entry issue for email and SMS messages has been resolved
  • Email sync issue has been fixed and connectivity has been improved
  • BT audio continues after a call is missed
  • Mobile Hotspot reliability has been improved
  • Samsung keyboard crash issue has been resolved
  • Notification Panel responsiveness has been improved

The following additions have been made:

  • Voicemail Notification has an Urgent┬áPriority notification

The following areas have been improved:

  • Connectivity
  • Sound quality

Reader comments

Verizon posts Galaxy Note 3 update documents, OTA imminent


I loved this phone. Probably my favorite Android phone ever. I sold it though because it was just too big for me.

You're sad definitely. For god sakes, you go around to the various tech websites that you haven't been banned from copy/pasting the exact same Samsung propaganda.

Gets old doesn't it Squiddy20. He says the same "Industry standard" "Industry leading" crap over and over. It's nothing more than a bunch of gibberish. He tries to portray as intelligent until you read the same stuff over and over and over. If it's not Samsung or T mobile, it's garbage according to Richard Yarrell. I am a happy Samsung customer but I don't slam it down everyone's throat at every given opportunity. Give it a rest Richard!

same here. i keep all out losing reception in areas where my GNex was great. pretty frustrating. i'll watch the forums for a couple days and see if it seems to help people with any reception issues before i accept it.

Kit kat is January for normal carriers, March for Verizon

So where is the competition for the Note 3? Oh right there isn't any...

Well...when I was with Sprint 2 years ago (with a Samsung device) I was singing the same song. So I wonder if it's really the carriers?

Thanks Verizon for the extra bloat. Now my phone can do the dishes, laundry and even go shopping for me...


Sent via the Android 5.0 MilkShake.

stuck between a rock and hard place here. i've been ignoring this latest software update notice for like 2 weeks now in hopes that we may get a bootloader unlock at some point but my reception has been pretty awful. if this will fix that, i may just have to take the plunge and accept the update. i do miss some custom rom features but all in all, TouchWiz hasn't been as bad as i remembered (used it on my old Fascinate for about 3 days before i custom rommed it).

it is much improved since then..

I would go with Safestrap and a custom ROM. I know it is a PITA but debloating would be worth it.

VMware? As in the virtual machine software? So does that mean that Windows can finally be run on it??

What yo haven't been dual booting this entire time?

So where is the competition for the Note 3? Oh right there isn't any...

I hope "Connectivity" means they enabled the new (AWS) spectrum that is already running on the S4 and the new iPhones.

Where are you? I'm in USA, Indiana and don't see an update when I check for updates with Gear Manager app on my Note 3

Posted via Android Central App

The word imminent sounds promising, but the last update written about on here on 11/26/13 never materialized.

I'm in USA, Indiana and don't see an update when I check for updates with Gear Manager app on my Note 3... Am I doing something wrong?

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Still waiting for Verizon Galaxy S3 Android 4.3 update. Considering a Nexus device next time around even though I'm not a big fan of non-removable battery.

Got the update in Northern Cali. Did you guys notice the icons on the home screens look a little bigger

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I have note 3 . I keep having bad reception . And loosing network coverage . I don't know if it's my mobile . Or my network providers . I hope that the update fix it.

Actually just downloaded the update few minutes ago, only thing I notice is better Bluetooth connectivity with a few of my speakers.