Verizon Samsung Galaxy Tab

The second of the U.S. versions of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7-inch Android tablet is now available. Verizon's variant goes for $599 -- that's sans contract or rebate. A data plan will run you $20 a month for 1 of the ol' gee-bees.

Meanwhile, Engadget got a leaked screen shot that shows AT&T's version coming Nov. 21 for $649, with data plans at $14.99 for 250MB and $25 a month for 2GB of data. Will that be at all competitive with the iPad? Eh, we'll see.

T-Mobile's version of the Galaxy Tab already is available, and Sprint's will be here Nov. 14 for $399 on contract.


Reader comments

Verizon Galaxy Tab available today; AT&T's version coming Nov. 21 for $649?


.... I honestly can't see myself investing 600 or a 2year contract for something Google already shotdown for not being "Made for Tablets" . . . I'll just be patient and wait...

CES first week of January is not that far away

Duh! They do carry the iPad and other Jobsian Apple products. AT&T is in enough hot water with the supplier of their biggest seller. They don't want to piss off the Jobs any more.

How about the $599 price on Verizon with or without contract launched today? I was all jazzed up to buy one but that is tipping a little high for me on price even as early adopters go. That should be about $450, $350 with contract. Or $499 with the AMOLED screen. I am passing for now as much as I hate to do so and hope they see the problem and fix it before the holiday... The truth is I would be better off with one of the 4" AMOLED Galaxy S devices for 1/3 of the cost. Maybe the 7" in between zone (4" phone vs 10" tab) is a dangerous place to be??? Certainly at that price...

I got a chance to use the Tab (finally) - this thing isn't worth $249, let along $649. It's an absolute embarrassment that this is the best Samsung could do for this price. In fact, the Tab is so slow, laggy and mediocre that I'd rather have an iPad, which function 500x better.

I got to play with the Verizon Galaxy Tab for about 1/2 hour. My main concern was if a 7" tablet will be too small. It is not, I just LOVE the size!! The screen is fantastic! The operation is smooth. The keyboard is real good. The Galaxy Tab feels great in the hand.

The display model I played with had access to the Internet, so I tried a lot of site - including this one. Everything work fine, flash worked fine. The Galaxy Tab is a nice tablet.

I may have discovered a problem with getting Android tables from Verizon. The display model did not have the Android Market, did not have the Media Hub, and did not have the Reader's Hub. It did have the VCast Store, VCast Music, and VCast Navigation. If Verizon will do this to all its Android tables, I will not be buying my tablet from Verizon!

The only reason I'm not getting the Galaxy Tab from any carrier is because I know what is coming.

The T-Mobile version has the 16gb onboard memory that we were promised. The Sprint version has only 2gb, with a 16gb sdhc. I couldn't find info on the Verizon and AT&T versions.