VZW Galaxy Tab

The Verizon version of the Samsung Galaxy Tab can now be bought for $499 off contract at Best Buy; Verizon's variant of the Tab was previously $599.

If you're thinking about the Galaxy Tab for the holidays, here are the month-to-month plans after the $499:

  • $20/month for 1GB
  • $35/month for 3GB
  • $50/month for 5GB
  • $80/month for 8GB

Even though the Tab is off contract, users must commit to the first month at least, then are allowed to cancel and use it how they please. Prices are continuing to go down, which is great for consumers. Thanks A!


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Verizon Galaxy Tab drops to $499 sans contract at Best Buy


Yea,thats around my ideal price range also. Any more and i will be looking into the notebook/net-book range. Besides i just got a CR-48, so i can hold off for a while on getting a tablet :)

Check back after Christmas panic buying subsides, maybe in January when the competition starts hitting the streets.

I think this is evidence that we wont be seeing a wifi version of this tablet. I believe Samsung is going to go with a wifi version of a Honeycomb Tablet instead. For those of us wanting a wifi only version I have I feeling we should wait...that's just my 2 cents.

I figure by the time they get to the $300 range, I'll be ready for the Tab 2, so I went ahead and bit on this deal a couple of weeks ago. Bought one for my mom, and one for myself. Since hers is a gift, I future-dated the activation of that first-month plan, which I can now cancel before it even begins ;) Not that I will, since I want her to enjoy the mobility it provides.

I've heard that if you only want to use the 3G data sporadically, Verizon charges a $35 activation fee each time you turn it on. While this is still a decent price for the Galaxy Tab off-contract, if there is such a high penalty for getting on/off, the option is much less appealing.

Since it has wifi you can use wifi tether to any phone that supports that, and "They" would never be able to distinguish that traffic from valid phone traffic.

You can do wireless tethering to, or from, another phone. Verizon allows you to use it as a wifi hot spot, and even provides the app for that, so there's nothing you have to hide. If you use it as a hot spot, however, you will have to watch your data usage.

Just went by my BestBuy to get one of these. They did not have the price posted and called corporate. Still no joy. YMMV.

Did anyone notice the VALID date on the bottom of that picture?

is says: valid 12/5/10 to 12/31/12

You guys have been HAD... how about checking the story
BEFORE splashing it all over the internet and looking like


still too much for essentially a giant android phone. id rather get a nook color and root it. (plan on doing exactly that, actually)

Total non-interest. Too small. OS too old. Proprietary connectors. Make something 10+", running 2.3/3.0, wifi only, standard connectors, SD slot, and $450 range and we will talk.

I believe 2011 will make this happen.

It does have an SD card slot. :)

Samsung announced it will be upgraded to Gingerbread shortly. Let's hope it's less shortly than some of their other devices.

Also, I did some research and the connector isn't Samsung proprietary. It's actually some seldom-adopted connector. You can't really buy anything for it easily, though, so it might as well be proprietary...

I never said it didn't have an SD slot, I just said that before I would be interested, it would have to have all of what I listed (minimally). But I see how it could be read differently than I intended.


The Galaxy Tab doesn't sell for $499. Its still $599. I just called Best Buy and confirmed it. Even their website still shows a price of $599.

Sean Brunett I would suggest you do some research before you post something. I almost drove 40 miles for nothing.

I just got it at this rate from my local Best Buy contract-free. It wasn't labeled that way, but the manager of the mobile department was able to find the deal and get me going with it.

i just left my local bb in buffalo ny and they quoted me the 499 price with the month to month contract just cancel it after a month!!

I got the VZW Tab at that price on 12/12/10. This deal is valid, but it seems YMMV per store. Please stop flaming the OP and call your local Best Buy before you go.

As for the Tab itself, I worried that it was too pricey for what I got when I left the store and all that night. However, it's amazingly functional as a browsing, gaming, media, emailing device. My 2 cents: Don't wait for the next round of devices....you'll find yourself always waiting for the next "best tablet."

Remember to do the research on the Verizon version before you buy!

I got the non-contract t-mobile version last week and almost went to return it in favor of this one. But... then I remembered that the Verizon version has been crippled in several ways (particularly the bluetooth), so it's worth the extra cash to me to keep a fully-functional device.

wow i rather buy an smartphone then buy crippling feature on the tab. Less you pay the more stripping Samsung does to it.