Device to cost $200 with new agreement and $50 mail-in rebate; $650 off contract

Update: May 30 date has been confirmed on Twitter as well

Verizon will open preorders for the Samsung Galaxy S4 on April 25, according to their official Twitter account. The 16GB version will cost $200 with a new contract and a mail-in rebate, or $650 for those who are buying outright in order to keep existing unlimited data plans. They haven't said when we should expect to see it on the shelves, which is an important detail. The device will be available in stores on May 30.

We've seen delays from both Sprint and T-Mobile in getting the Galaxy S4 out the door, meanwhile AT&T says they will be shipping devices slightly earlier than expected. The logistics of getting millions of devices from factories in Asia to the hands of consumers surely isn't easy, and maybe Verizon is being smart by keeping any potential dates close to their chest -- you can't have a delay on what was never announced.

Anyhoo, if you've been hankering to get Samsung's new Galaxy S4 from Verizon, tomorrow is your chance to get things started. 

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Verizon Galaxy S4 preorders start April 25 [Updated]


Thanks for the post Jerry Hildenbrand Cowboy

once the samsung galaxy s4 in anybody hand he/she has entered in a new stage of smartphone world, no doubt. all other smartphone companies must come to or cross this stage to become alive in smartphone business.

Thanks in Advance

I see even Verizon isn't going to have the 32GB at launch even though they are a MONTH late to the party. Even though I am fully eligible to upgrade on Verizon and even IF they were offering the 32GB GS4 I am leaving them for AT&T. Its time to move on, I will continue to use their LTE on my modem at home for the speeds but I'm done with everything else. Selling my last remaining Verizon device so I can get either a WiFi tablet or an AT&T tablet, not sure which yet.

Do you really need 96GB of space???? If not you are stupid to buy the 32GB as you could get the 16GB + 64GB for a lot cheaper then just a 32GB with no MicroSD...

Because 10GB is not enough for apps + games... On the older phones you could store apps on SD cards now you can't unless you root..

Thank you Jerry, Although this is not the answer I wanted as least it is one. No I have a time frame for the waiting game.

Question about upgrades. My Verizon upgrade isn't available until June 20th. Should/can I stil pre-order the GS4? Thanks.