We already knew TouchWiz would be a separate download for the Galaxy Tab 10.1, but when the update eventually arrives, this is what we're expecting to be part of the download. Keep in mind this is on a Galaxy Tab 8.9 (and it's a developer unit), but Samsung probably isn't going to completely revise TouchWiz for Tablets between now and launch.

It looks like we're still packing the Associated Press widget, picture frame, date/time, weather, stock quotes, and the like. Kudos to Sammy for not completely butchering Honeycomb in order to leave their lasting mark. The TouchWiz notification area looks pretty slick, as well.

One of the more interesting additions is the "mini apps tray" which looks like it could definitely lead to more legal posturing between Samsung and Apple, but I digress. Aside from the look of it, though, the functionality seems awesome.

So how do Samsung's TouchWiz additions strike you? Useful and slick, or unnecessary bloat? Does this compel anyone to get a Galaxy Tab or not get one? Let us know. We're listening.

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TouchWiz on the Samsung Galaxy Tab rears its head



Updates >>>>>>>>> Samsung/TouchWiz

I wouldn't recommend buying a Tab until Ice Cream comes out and seeing how long it takes to update the Tabs. I'm not hopeful.

who cares about ice cream because its nothing but a hope
now>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>unknown future

You know, thanks to unix piping, and streams in c++, that just looks like you two are trying to redirect now to unkown. (or updates into Samsung). :)

I hate the TouchWiz on Samsung phones. It is way to "i" like. It looks like it is made for 6 year-olds. This, however, looks like it may actually be useful. The mini tray is nice and it seems to run snappy with no lag. I was afraid Samsung would go the route of bigger processor means we can make the UI bigger and more bloated. Seems from this that they did not. Looks quite trim and sleek. I want one of the 8.9s. I think that is the right size for everyday use and now I like the UI too.

If it weren't for touchwiz, and samsung's horrible android update history, I would say that the 10.1 tablet is a definite buy. Give us the option of installing vanilla android during setup!

I always hated TouchWiz, and guess what? This actually really looks good on tablets! TouchWiz on their phones is a fail, but I want to see how it goes on their tablets.

I'm quite impressed, Samsung scored big with this one. It adds a lot of functionality on top of Honeycomb. As long as it's not a noticeable performance hit I think this will be a winner.

This doesn't look too bad...but I still want the stock experience. Does anyone if the following will be kept stock after the update?

1) contacts app
2) gallery app (it looked stock in this video)
3) music beta app
4) gmail app
5) camera app ---actually...this video shows that it is different :(
6) calendar app ( looks different in this video)
7) any other changes???

Wow Samsung did a good job improving the stock Honeycomb experience. I like how the grid lines show possible sizes for resizing a widget. Is TouchWiz still going to be optional for Samsung tablets?

Wow, the mini app tray and mini apps that overlay over existing content look fantastic... It sorta adds a new dimension to multi-tasking on a tablet even if limited in scope by the apps Samsung put there (mini calculator, agenda, etc.). I think Honeycomb and tablets in general need more of that... The ability to see content from two different apps simultaneously without having to switch back and forth.

C'mon guys, you have to admit it doesnt look that bad and some of the functions actually look very useful. I would love to have the quick app tray on my Iconia and I believe Samsung is going to be better about updates in the future - I dont see Touchwiz being so cumbersome (like it was on the Galaxy S line) that it would delay updates.

That mini-app tray is awesome and I'd install Touchwiz just for that! The calendar widget is pretty nice too.

I love how on this samsung touchwiz presenation their social hub has HTC on it at around the 1:10 mark.

Hell, with all of this Galaxy Tab 10.1 talk, I'm still waiting on someone to explain to me how, besides being thinner and negligibly lighter (unless you're a complete weakling), it is any better than a Xoom. And I'm not saying that to be a dick, I REALLY want to know. I copped a brand new 32GB WiFi Xoom from MacMall (ebay) a week ago for $499, and I'm willing to switch if I had a good excuse to, but I can't find one.

Between this and the Xoom the only real difference is how thin and light it is, the custom UX, and a PLS display which will be a much more vivid picture. Honestly I think the Xoom is a great device and I might go back to it, I just really wanted to try the 10.1 out and weigh my options.

GT also has a extended battery. I have a 12-14 hour battery life. Thats stock, no enhancements. Then as stated the Plus display and TouchWhiz.

I'm digging it. The way they've implemented the touchwiz ux on the tab seems to make the whole expirience of using a tablet better. IMHO it's a more intuitive expirience than stock honeycomb. Doesn't seem to slow down the device either which is a huuuge plus. I'm curious to see how this one plays out, but I think we may have found the iPads best honeycomb competition yet!

I like the TW implementation. It's really a nice touch with the mini-app tray. The other widgets are nice, but don't need to be used if you don't need or like them. This definitely makes me more interested in buying a Samsung tablet.

Thanks to AC for organizing the Samsung NYC Galaxy Tab event. The tablets are really impressive. I think when you play with one of these tablets first hand and see how thin and light they are, they will really impress.

I just wish they would add a micro-SD card slot...