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If you hack or flash ROMs and various "stuff" to your Android phone, you know about ClockworkMod recovery+Nathan Grebowiec has just taken it a step further, and built an unofficial version for the Galaxy Nexus (both versions) that uses the capacitive buttons while inside recovery.  It still does all the same functions as the original, and you can even restore backups made from previous versions, but now you can do it without using the volume keys.

Is it really necessary?  Nope.  But it's cool, and how open-source works.  Nathan took the source code and modified it (and we're sure Nathan will share the source code once it's out of "alpha") to do something he wanted or needed.  Seems like it works rather well, so if you're interested, grab it at the link below.

+Nathan Grebowiec


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Touch-based unofficial ClockworkMod recovery now available for the Galaxy Nexus


Jerry, have you checked out TWRP 2.0? The touch screen recovery bar has been set pretty high by Teamwin.

Still a pretty great step in the right direction.

The ClockworkMod version on my HTC Evo does that. I use the menus with the capacitive buttons on the bottom. I think the difference is this version actually provides the buttons because they are virtual on the Galaxy Nexus.