£99 with a Samsung device purchase, £149 without from March 4

The Gear 2 Neo is only just official but we're already hearing the first snippets of UK availability. Three is set to sell the new smartwatch, but as yet hasn't announced firm details on pricing. If you're looking for a deal, Three is also offering heavy price cuts on the first generation Galaxy Gear.

Brendan Arndt is Three's Device and Accessory Portfolio manager, so he's pretty well placed to pass on such information. Three already sells the Galaxy Gear throughout its retail network so you should be able to pop along to your local store and pick one up at the lower price from March 4.

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seanjenkins says:

Does this still have that daft 'feature' which means you have to lift up the watch and wait for the screen to turn on? Also, no info if it will work with non Samsung?

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rd_nest says:

It won't work with non-samsung devices.

mrgwap03 says:

That sucks because I want one of these..

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milimbar says:

You can root it and use it with any android phone. Took all of 10 minutes to set up.
People don't know this and think it can only be used with a Samsung..... (the original one that is)

It seems like he's asking about the gear 2. And not everyone wants to root. Plus, the gear 2 isn't running android, so rooting probably won't be in question for it.

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DWR_31 says:

When is Tizen coming? Everyone I know with 4.4 is having sdcard troubles.

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Knightedpawn says:

Who would want this crap? It's so ugly.

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Jay Soto says:

Because your opinion is also the rest of the world's.

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Dave N Lori says:

Sooner or later maybe they will come out with longer watchbands. For now I will stick with Pebble.

crcpeach says:

You can use any standard 22mm watchband with the Galaxy Gear 2 and the Gear 2 Neo - mix and match as you choose :)

Am I the only on that likens Samsung to Apple as far as how the try to maintain compatibility only with in their own product line? Plus I absolutely hate touchwiz and couldn't bring myself to buy any of their phones because of it and therefore will not be considering any of their wearables.

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Litlprince2 says:

I feel the same way yes.... Which is why i dont quite understand all the hate for Samsungs approach. They know they can make more money by marketing it to all smart phones. This is nothing new... They just want to build their own ecosystem. Give you a reason to buy into their products and stay with them for all your needs. Its a no brainier really.

Sean473 says:

The price is definitely what the price of the 1st gear should have been however the lack of android and being locked to Samsung phones makes it a no go for me and my G2..

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tx_tuff says:

Did you read the story? The price is on the Gear 1 not Gear 2.

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enigmax says:

G2 might be LG G2 and no gear2 =) I think OP was saying that Gear1 should have been priced at the first place like this.

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Sean473 says:

Yup exactly.. G2 being LG G2..

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yankeesusa says:

If the price of the original gear goes at 100 or below I'll buy just to try it before I get rid of my note 2. Right now I'm leaning more towards sony smartwatch 2.

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aliasuk says:

That's excellent news. On with the pricing now, and I shall be visiting my local 3 store very soon. Not so keen on thr original Gear though, especially reading about the Gear 2 having a much lighter, more snappy OS.

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tx_tuff says:

Did anybody read the story? The 100 and 150 price is on the Gear 1 not the new Gear 2. I was expecting to read all the comments from mad people who paid way more for the Gear 1.

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You aren't the only one who read and understood the story man.

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Jowlah says:

I'll wait until the rumored Google/LG smartwatch is allegedly revealed in June at I/O, then I'll have an idea what watch I will get. The market will have choice and competition, and those prices will come down. I can't see myself paying more than $100-$150 for a smartwatch.

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