Samsung Galaxy S III

Just in case the Rogers preorder confirmation wasn't enough for you, TELUS has now come out to say they have also started up preorders for the Samsung Galaxy S III. As listed on their website right now, the Samsung Galaxy S III will come in 16GB and 32GB editions with prices starting at $160 and going up to $210 all with a new three-year contract.

Source: TELUS


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TELUS joins the Samsung Galaxy S III preorder party in Canada


AT&T and Verizon need time to stamp their crappy logo on the phone an extra month perhaps. Phones void of at&t logo look ugly for their eyes...

I simply cannot believe the pricing plans and phone cost in other parts of the world.. only $160.00 for 3 yrs? The UK.. Buy the phone outright and pay only $32.00 a month unlimited calls/txt and 12 gigs of data? what in the world is going on in the americas??.. I am so glad I have a nice long contract with verizon and unlimited 4G data.. that's about the best thing going in the americas right now..

Countries in the UK are only as big as some small US states. When you're servicing so few customers, costs are much lower. It's pretty simple.

The one for WIND mobile should. They use the same frequencies. You will have to find a way to unlock it though, assuming WIND lock their phones.